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    Dec 13, 2017

    17 Times Christmas Makes You Go, "Nope, Nope Nope!

    Is it December 26th yet?

    1. These Christmas characters on the side of the road who are about to go on a murder spree...obviously.

    misstanyae / Via

    2. And this mask from Japan that's MEANT to be festive but looks like the last thing you see before the axe comes down.

    adosan101 / Via

    3. This make-up job that turned a wholesome candy cane into a total fright fest.

    satan_in_a_dress / Via

    4. And this one that made it look like glass ball ornaments were lodged in this woman's face.

    5. This monstrous wreath.

    jodithwalk / Via

    6. And this frightening snack at a Christmas party.

    hbuitink / Via

    7. Krampus, who you may or may not have heard about.

    bonbonfaboo / Via

    Who's Krampus? Ah, just a "half-goat, half-demon" who punishes kids on the naughty list during the holidays. Yikes! He's a big part of the holidays in countries like Austria, Bavaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovenia.

    8. Oh yeah, and there are Krampus Festivals in Europe — like this one in Austria — where people can meet and pose for photos with freaky ol' Krampus. (Dry heaves)

    pebblybits / Via, Grille01 / Via

    9. This "horrornament" of a killer elf.

    You can get it here for $12.84.

    10. Speaking of killer elves...this one is coming to eat your soul.

    raganstukenborg / Via

    11. This mistletoe (or shall we say “missile toe”) that is half dad joke, half total nightmare.

    martydoesntmatter / Via

    12. This Santa-themed skin mask that is ho, ho, horrible.

    caitlindoescoffee / Via

    13. These lawn gnomes that are more like lawn nopes.

    da_is_horror / Via

    14. This "festive" decoration of a Christmas werewolf. WTF?

    Creepystuff689 / Via

    15. This sign which probably is a typo (I’m REALLY hoping it’s a typo).

    sashastites / Via

    16. This Santa mask that you'll never be able to unsee.

    stevegatoz / Via

    17. And — shudder — this holiday-themed meat.

    mediawife / Via

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