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    Updated on Oct 25, 2019. Posted on Oct 22, 2019

    17 Hilarious Parents' Devastating Insults And Comebacks

    No one can zing you quite like your mom and dad.

    1. The mom whose comeback left her daughter a pile of dust on the floor:

    Daughter: You're invading my personal space Mom: You came out of my personal space

    2. And the TV-meteorologist dad who rained on his daughter's parade:

    3. The mom who called it like she saw it:

    my mom said why didn't you just dress as a 3rd wheel

    4. And this dad who didn't hold back, either:

    5. The mom who sent this lightning bolt to her daughter's phone:

    6. The mom who set her sights on her nephew:

    7. And the dad who stood up for dad bods everywhere:

    @mitchthammarath Shrek grossed 484 million. Lol nice try dude.

    8. The mom who pulled a "Did I do that?" when texting about the movie Lion (which tells the tale of a young boy who got lost and didn't see his family again for 20 years):

    Texts with my mom after watching “Lion”:

    9. The dad whose funny comeback 100% guaranteed his kid slept in his bed that night:

    daughter: can i keep the night light on? me: and provide the monsters with a beacon to your location? use your head, sweetie

    10. The mom who — after sharing a stop-motion video her 10-year-old son made — destroyed this joy killer in the comments:

    poppychips / Via

    11. And the dad who destroyed his son's manly moment:


    12. The mom who — after her son complained about the photo she posted of him — dissed him into the shadow realm:


    13. And the mom who turned her friendly fire on Dad:

    My mom just won the roast of the year award

    14. The dad who hit his kid with this dad classic:

    15. The mom who reminded her kid who came first:

    16. The mom who busted out this emoji to respond to her kid's request for a hamster:

    17. And the dad who sent this to his daughter...just because:

    mangobomb91 / Via Instagram

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