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    17 Cringingly Funny Times Labels Did Not Get The Job Done

    Ugh, never going shopping again.

    1. This label that'll make you dry-heave:

    @nickking / Via Twitter: @Nickking

    2. And this one that needs to be resized immediately:

    Cavedragon / Via Twitter: @Cavedragon

    3. This label that really shouldn't have tried to shorten "cumin":

    m_hammertonchef / Via

    4. This frying pan label that's rather ironic, don't you think?

    @Scoppechio / Via Twitter: @Scoppechio

    5. And this label that's not really sure what it's selling: "It's, like, semi-dry or extra dry? Dunno, sorry, it's my first day."

    MostUniquest / Via Twitter: @MostUniquest

    6. This label that really didn't need a price tag THERE:

    cdowden5 / Via

    7. This sign that suggests there's a big surprise awaiting anyone who bites into these cupcakes:

    8. And this sign that vegetarians shouldn't trust:

    souldier__ / Via

    9. This label that makes you think this stuff is the main ingredient in a puppy sandwich:

    thebudgiewhisperer / Via

    10. This label for what's gotta be the most tart Caramel Frappuccino of all time:

    sawyer_photography / Via

    11. And this label that says "whole," but that doesn't make it any better:

    suthrntrend / Via

    12. This label that is boldly incorrect:

    13. This sign that might put you off eating these cupcakes, no matter how good they look:

    hannah19_89 / Via

    14. And this sign that is either incredibly risqué or in the wrong spot:

    bigpc / Via

    15. This label that would make a cannibal's mouth water:

    barbski70 / Via

    16. This one that's confused about vampire anatomy:

    keyunlock / Via

    17. And this label, which is meant to show that she's running fast, but looks more like she just let one rip:

    janedavenport / Via

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