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    19 Parents Who Will Make You Yell, "Their Kids Better Appreciate Them!!!"

    These are some A+ parents right here.

    1. The dad who was really committed to getting his daughter that perfect Insta-shot:

    My dad: “you’ll look so much cooler if I make a huge splash behind you” Me: ... Dad: *can cracks open* Dad:

    Go, dad, go!

    2. The mom who had all the feels while watching Queer Eye for the first time:

    My mom watched @QueerEye for the first time 🤭☺️😃😭

    3. The dad who wanted to show off his son and his boyfriend to his coworkers:

    So my dad shows off my boyfriend and I at work 😭:’)

    4. The mom who — after her kid came out as nonbinary — changed her term of endearment from "baby girl" to "baby goat":

    My mom has always called me “baby girl” and we’ve been experimenting with gender neutral ways to adapt that since I came out as nonbinary and

    5. The dad who dropped by his daughter's classroom with flowers to make her day:

    My dad took time from his job to go to my sisters classroom and dropped off flowers wow she’s gonna be so spoiled, this is the kind of father I look forward to being

    6. And the mom who hopped on a plane the minute she heard her daughter was sick:

    Me on the phone with my mom last night: I'm sick Her: Ok I can catch the next flight Me: Is that a joke Today:

    7. The dad who went the distance to save the family dog's stuffed animal:

    my dogs stuffed animal was left outside and my dad made sure so save him..

    Twitter: @oohhhkayyy


    8. The mom who was THIS HAPPY about finally getting braces:

    my mom has wanted braces her whole life & finally got them today i yelled

    9. The dad who — after his daughter's relationship ended — sent her this sweet pick-me-up package:

    The guy I was dating ended things a few weeks ago... Today I got a package from my dad.

    The note read in part: "Mandy, I'm sorry that guy made you cry. He wasn't right for you anyway. So, in the words of Taylor Swift (I think) 'Shake it off.' To help, wear the enclosed shirt to a party with your friends so they know you have high standards and can laugh it up."

    10. The mom who was so proud her son won "Cleanest Backpack" that she scrapbooked the memory so she'd never forget it:

    I won “Cleanest Backpack” my junior year of high school and my mom was proud enough to scrapbook it...

    11. And the dad who was this excited when his son surprised him by flying in for his birthday:

    My dad thinks I’m two thousand miles away. I’m not. I’m here to surprise him for his birthday. Turns out we unintentionally twinned.

    12. The mom who texted her kid the cutest mom joke:

    The texts my mom sends me LLMMAOO

    LOLOLOL, good one, Mom!

    13. The dad who really knew how to relax in the summer:

    I’m trying to enjoy my summer and be as unbothered as my dad

    14. The mom who rolled out the red carpet when her daughter asked to sleepover after a night out:

    I asked my mom if I could Uber to her house tonight (it’s close) and this is her response 😭😭😭

    She even put out ibuprofen and a phone charger! 100% mom!

    15. The dad who really listened when his kid taught him about makeup techniques:

    I never regret teaching my dad about makeup phrases because now I wake up to texts like this

    16. The mom who texted her kid photos of her cat to be edited in Lightroom before she posted them on Instagram:

    My mom now texts me exclusively to edit photos of her cat in lightroom so she can post them on his Instagram

    17. The single dad who asked his daughter for advice on date outfits:

    Life with a single dad, asking for advice on date outfits 😂😂 my heart 🥺❤️

    18. The parents who — while looking after their granddaughter — sent their daughter adorable text updates:

    when my parents look after my baby so I can go to uni my dad sends me updates all day and it’s honestly the best thing in the world

    19. And the mom who texted her daughter this meme:

    ive texted this to everyone already but look at the text my mom sent me im crying