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17 Dads Who Are Being 100% Dad During The Coronavirus

People everywhere self-isolating with dads: "DAAAAAAAAAAADDD!"

1. These neighborhood dads who still got together for beers — but at a responsible distance from each other:

@barstoolsports @BarstoolBigCat @PardonMyTake my dad texted the neighborhood dads for social distancing beers tonight. Electric performance

2. This dad who has lost all sense of time during self-isolation:

[day 5 of not leaving the house] 5-year-old: Is it the weekend? Me: Yeah. 5: How can you tell? Me: I have no idea.

3. And this dad (Tinashe's!) who used the extra time at home to learn his daughter's choreography:

4. This dad who has been learning things about his kids:

Hard to imagine how my kids were ever able to survive regular school days without 23 snacks.

5. And this dad who learned the secret to social distancing:

I haven’t showered in two days. Try to avoid social distancing with me now.

6. This dad (you know it's a dad) who kept up the self-isolating by walking his dog via drone:

DRONE WALKS DOG: Amid a government-mandated lockdown due to coronavirus in Cyprus, one man found a clever way to walk his dog, Oliver, while adhering to safety measures.

7. This dad who found a very dad-like way to get the kids through this:

The dad next door to our apartment in Brooklyn just took his small kids outside to let them scream as loud as they want for a few minutes before taking them back inside

8. This dad who has used his time self-isolating to come up with some new dad jokes:

I ran out of toilet paper, so have begun using old newspapers... The Times are rough.

9. And this dad who did the same damn thing:

Dad Joke: How do cats like their steak?

10. This dad, meanwhile, learned now might not be the time for jokes:

Me: wanna hear a joke? Daughter: sure. Me: knock knock : ) Daughter: Me: knock knock. Daughter: Me: you’re supposed to say who’s there. Daughter: I don’t care who’s there I’m not opening the door during a pandemic.

11. This dad who reflects the thinking of dads everywhere:

Quarantine? HAVE YOU SEEN MY ELECTRIC BILL -Dads everywhere

12. This dad who has already had his fill of the kids:

To all parents spending too much time with their kids now... #CoronaCrisis #Covid_19

13. And this dad who wants to know why everyone is yelling:

My wife is doing crafts with the kids which is why everyone is fighting about tape.

14. This dad — San Francisco Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford — who is self-isolating at home and tweeted about how his 4-year-old adorably misunderstood the last name of his teammate Johnny Cueto:

Braxton (4 yrs old)- “Daddy what number are we on?” Me- “47” Brax (in his announcer voice): “Number 47...Johnny Playdoh!!!” Me 😆- “Johnny Playdoh bud?” Brax- “Yeah Johnny Playdoh. That’s his name.” Me- “It’s Johnny CUETO, Brax.” Brax 🤔- “Why?” @johnnycueto 😂😂😂 @LEGO_Group

15. This dad who is having a hard time adjusting to working from home:

ME: *goes on mute after giving update on a conference call* MY 4 Y/O: [standing behind me baffled] daddy, what does any of that even mean? ME: i don't know, girl. i don't know

16. This dad who has the right attitude about working from home:

Working from home I leave laptop for 5 minutes and come back to find 2 year old furiously hammering on the keyboard I panic and shout 2yo looks up and says ‘I help you daddy!!’ So I smile and sit with him. There are bigger things to worry about than a garbled report or email

17. And lastly, this dad has the right attitude about, well, all of this:

For the first time in history you can help save humanity by sitting on the couch, watching TV and surfing the internet. For God's sake, don't mess this up.