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    17 Fascinating Charts That Will Teach To Survive A Nuclear War, Alligator Attack, And 15 Other Frightening Situations

    You'll be glad you read this one when the apocalypse hits.

    Let's be real...lots of science fiction movies predicted that humanity would be a mess in the 2020s, and, well, it's looking like they might be right. Honestly, it would shock few of us if we ended up looking like these people below...and soon.

    So, in the event crap REALLY hits the fan, here are bunch of fascinating charts explaining how we can survive some really bad situations:

    1. Let's start off with this fun to (maybe) survive a nuclear explosion.

    Chart outlining how to survive a nuclear explosion
    Chart outlining how to survive a nuclear explosion

    2. Here's one on how to survive (checks notes) being buried alive.

    3. Unlucky enough to end up in a hostage situation? These tips — from a former NYPD hostage negotiator — might save your life.

    4. If things get REALLY bad and you have to escape humanity into the wilds of nature, here's how you can survive an animal attack from North America's primary predators! Fun!

    5. Oh, here's another little bit of fun — in the event of THE APOCALYPSE (10 different kinds!), here's how you can maybe, lol, probably not survive.

    6. OK, let's get a little more realistic — if there's no drinkable water and you need to make a water filter, here's how!

    Where to get charcoal? The people in the comments said it was actually pretty easy. Burn wood.

    7. Also, regardless of what goes wrong, these are the 12 tools you'll need to give yourself a fighting chance to make it.

    8. This one's cool — if you need to go full MacGyver to survive (by making a heater out of a toilet paper roll or a lamp out of a milk jug, for example), here's how.

    9. If you're ever lost at sea, don't lose hope...and keep these seven tips and tricks in mind.

    10. Learning Morse code couldn't hurt, and it's actually surprisingly simple!

    11. If society really craters — and we have to live without electricity for the rest of our lives — here's how you could do it.

    12. Here's a little something different! If you ever need to survive a grenade attack, you'll be glad you took a gander at this one.

    13. Here are 12 different types of shelter you could make with a tarp and some paracord.

    14. If things get REALLY cold under that shelter out in the wilderness, here's how you could survive hypothermia.

    15. If you're stuck wandering about the wilds and need to know what you can and cannot eat, this chart will come in handy.

    16. Speaking of food, here are the kinds of food to keep in your survival kit — freeze dried food, for example, can remain edible for 25+ years!

    17. Lastly, this is a different type of emergency situation, but if you're ever in a head-on collision, it just might save your life.

    Stay safe out there, people! And let's all do our best to avoid an apocalyptic situation in the near future, m'kay?