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    17 Horribly Designed Things Involving Children That Really Shouldn't

    "What about the children?"

    1. This restaurant called "Let's Do Greek" that named the children's section of its menu "Let's Do Kids":

    2. These scented scissors that encourage kids to stick them up their noses:

    3. This "second birthday" button...that's not suitable for children under three years of age:

    4. This store that A) doesn't allow children upstairs, and B) placed its toy section upstairs:

    5. This ad featuring a toddler who is about to hammer a nail into his leg:

    6. This ad featuring a preschooler holding a (hopefully photoshopped) axe:

    7. This ad that sort of sounds like they're straight up giving away children:

    8. And this ad that surely isn't making the point it thinks it is:

    9. This poster that has a fig leaf covering the cartoon tooth's midsection — suggesting it has genitalia:

    10. This wine glass that seems to be encouraging mothers and daughters to open a bottle together:

    11. This bakery's mascot that is meant to be cute, but will haunt your kids' dreams:

    12. Ditto for this giant rabbit:

    13. And this totally dispiriting SpongeBob Squarepants:

    14. This sign for a children's ministry that is more than a little alarming:

    15. And this one (for an after school program) which is also 😬:

    16. This family pool that no one will want to get into:

    17. And this ad that seems very confused about what a teenager is:

    H/t: r/CrappyDesign