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    17 Quarantine Cooking Fails That Went Horribly Wrong

    You know what? Let's just make toast.

    Using this time indoors to expand your culinary skills? Well, if you are and you're struggling, things could be worse!

    1. You could've tried cooking a sweet potato in a new air fryer and had it come out practically radioactive:

    2. You could've flipped a steak in a curved pan and had all the hot butter splash out onto your arm:

    3. You could've been responsible for this drunken attempt at cooking that went about as badly as it could possibly have gone:

    4. You could've spent hours and hours making sourdough, only to have it come out...hollow:

    5. You could have dumped a bunch of salt (instead of, you know, rice) into your rice cooker and then wondered why it was taking so long to cook:

    6. Or you could have tried to put a dash of salt on your eggs and had the saltshaker break:

    7. You could've blown past double baked all the way to, like, a thousand-baked potato:

    8. You could have spent over an hour making lo mein, only to break the measurement cup and cover your meal with tiny shards of glass:

    9. You could have rested a plastic spoon on a pot the way you would a wooden one, and, well:

    10. You could've overcooked your cookies just a tad:

    11. You could've had the oven light — the freaking oven light! — fall out and into your pizza as it cooked:

    12. You could've been responsible for this waffle horror show:

    13. Or this pancake disaster (grease your pans, folks!):

    14. You could've tried to cook chicken tenders using a cutting board instead of a baking sheet:

    15. You could've attempted a vegan meringue that all but disappeared:

    16. You could've tried to make s'mores and had them turn out like this:

    17. Or — oh my — you could've made these bacon-wrapped hot dongs, er, dogs! Hot dogs!

    Everyone's quarantine cooking like: