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17 Amazing Coincidences That Are Hard To Believe Actually Happened, But They Did

It's a weird, weird world sometimes.

After we posted a list of absolutely amazing coincidences, BuzzFeed readers shared a bunch of wild coincidences they too have experienced. These are really something else:

1. "When I started dating my boyfriend, I told him I was going to nickname his penis 'Pursell.' He looked at me weird and asked me how I came up with that. I shrugged and said it was the first name to come to mind. Turns out it was his mom's last name, and his last name until his dad legally adopted him when he was 6."

2. "My aunt had three kids, several years apart, on December 9th, 10th, 11th."


3. "I was working as a call center operator when I asked a caller for her birthday, which was the same as mine — April 20. I then asked the next caller for her birthday and she gave me my brother’s birthday — April 27. The caller joked I should play the lottery with those dates. That night at the grocery store I decided to play the numbers and I won $380!"


4. "My best friend from elementary school had three sisters, all of whom grew up to marry engineers named Mark. Now my best friend just got engaged — to an engineer named Mark!"


5. "When I was 29, on 9/19/1991, after nine hours of labor, I had a 9-pound baby boy."


6. "A couple years ago I met this kid at a sleepaway camp in New York. Somehow I saw him again at the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge when I almost ran him over with my bike. Then, later that year, I went to my cousin's bar mitzvah and saw him there too!"


7. "One night my friends and I almost hit a guy on a bike as we were pulling into Taco Bell. He flipped his handle bars and got up as traffic funneled us into the drive-thru, so we never learned how bad he was hurt. Fast forward a couple years later..."


"My friend and I were hanging out with my boyfriend (and eventual husband) who started telling a story about being on his way to his cousin's house and flipping his handle bars. My friend jokingly said, 'Hahaha, was it in front of a Taco Bell?' To which he replied, 'YEAH! It was right in front of Taco Bell!'"


8. "At our doctor's office growing up, my brother's chart was always getting mixed up with another kid's because they had the same first and last name, were born on the same day (just different months), and their moms had the same name."


9. "My best friend and I were born on the same day in the same hospital and our mothers shared the same recovery room. We didn't meet until we were 17 years old and our mothers were strangers."


10. "I once went to a wedding and bonded with a girl there over how we both loved the band Faithless. We got deeper into it and she said that once at a Faithless gig a guy peed in a cup, threw it into the crowd, and it landed on some poor girl who she gave wet wipes to. It just so turns out I was that poor girl!"

11. "I was born on Valentine’s Day, my sister was born on Mother’s Day, my mom was born on Labor Day, and my dad was born on April Fools' Day."


12. "I turned 7 on 8/9/10."


13. "My best friend used to be a Boy Scout and one of their 'activities' was to adopt an elderly person as a grandparent. Flash forward 20 years later when my best friend and I are going through his photo album and I see a picture of him with my great-grandfather. Turns out he'd adopted my great-grandpa as his grandfather."


14. "I turned 4 on 4/4/2004 and my volleyball number (which was completely randomly assigned) was 44 for three years. Now I go to Syracuse University, which has the special number of 44 because of football star Ernie Davis."


15. "Last year I was out for drinks with an acquaintance who told me about her new boyfriend — who had the same name as my new boyfriend. She then told me he was currently on holiday in Georgia (the country, not US state). Mine was too."

"I then asked her when he would be flying back and it was the same flight. We had to show each other pictures of our boyfriends to make sure there were two of them and we weren't being double-timed!"


16. "I turned 12 on 12/12/12!"

17. "The day my paternal grandfather died, my mom had been sitting in bed next to him comforting and talking to him. One of the things she said to him was, 'Tell my stepdad (Richie, who'd died years earlier) I say hi.' A couple days later, after my grandfather died, we were at Walgreens looking outside the window when a huge truck drove by with 'Richie says hi' written on the side."

"I’ll never forget that crazy moment."


Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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