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15 Kids Dressed As Celebs For Halloween Who Will Make You Go, “Spot On!”

These kids don't do basic Halloween.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share photos of their kids dressed as celebrities for Halloween, and the responses were adorably on point:

1. Bryan Cranston as Walter White from Breaking Bad

Say my name!


2. Prince

My kid as Prince at 2 years old. I had to apply the makeup while he was sleeping.


3. Pamela Anderson as C.J. Parker from Baywatch

4. Lionel Richie

In today’s edition of who wore it better: Lionel Richie or this little darling?! #Hello #IsItMeYoureLookingFor


5. Bob Ross

Our little baby Bob Ross lol


6. David Bowie

7. And David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King from Labyrinth

My daughter was David Bowie from Labyrinth.


8. Audrey Hepburn

9. Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones

My daughter was Anna from Frozen one year, and when she realized pretty much everyone was either Anna or Elsa, she vowed to never be basic for Halloween again. So, the next year, she dressed up as Daenerys. She doesn't watch the show but she hears me talk about how badass she is.


10. Pharrell Williams

My daughter wore this a few years ago. She was obsessed with the song and video for "Happy." —ordinarymom

11. Redfoo from LMFAO

12. Will Ferrell as Mugatu from Zoolander

13. Taylor Swift

Paying homage to 1989-era Taylor Swift.


14. Pauley Perrett as Abigail "Abby" Sciuto in NCIS

A few years ago, when my daughter was 10, she dressed up as Abby from NCIS.


15. Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone from The Godfather

We were out to dinner one night when my baby’s older brother said, “She looks like The Godfather!” so...


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