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    16 Funny People Who Really Get What The Baby Shark Song Is Doing To Us All

    I'd say this post is just for parents, but at this point we've all been affected.

    1. This is you, like, almost every night:

    2. And this is why your kid would never make it through a Bird Box situation:

    3. This dad is in soooo much trouble:

    So, my kids finally discovered "Baby Shark." On my watch. If anyone knows a good divorce lawyer, my wife will be needing names and numbers soon.

    4. And this dad brought up a frightening possible dark thought:

    I’d like to think when I die, my last thoughts will be of my family, but it’ll probably be that dang Baby Shark song

    5. This is actually a kinda genius self-defense technique:

    Facebook/ / Via

    6. This is some truth right here:

    I’m thinking people who claim a song on the radio is overplayed after hearing twice in the same hour have probably never listened to Baby Shark 47 consecutive times. #Dadlife #Parenting

    7. Oh, look! We found actual footage of you listening to the song:

    (Sound up for this one, trust me, LOL.)

    8. It's nice to know that famous celebrities have to deal with this madness too:

    A full 14% of my time is just watching my kids and their friends run around the house blasting #BabyShark

    9. Because this song has seriously driven people to the edge:

    I’m not normally a person who seeks revenge, but understand that if you have ever gifted one of my kids with a toy that makes excessive noise, I will show up at your doorstep for your kid’s next birthday with a karaoke machine that plays only the Baby Shark Song.

    10. This might the biggest proof yet that Baby Shark is overexposed:

    baby shark has formed a 2020 exploratory committee

    11. And #dadjoke for the win, Ariel:

    baby shark's campaign pollster: i'm sorry to say but your ratings are still underwater

    12. There comes a point when you've heard it so much you start to overthink it:

    By now we have all heard that Baby Shark song, but have we really HEARD it? Have we heard what it’s trying to tell us? Baby Shark is a tale of hunger, desperation, and eventually...death

    13. But, while we've suffered, have we considered how this might be affecting the shark? Hmmm?

    they always say baby shark do do do do do do but never ask baby shark how you do do do do do doing

    14. Sadly, some of us have been lost to the song:

    What level of parenting have you reached when you actually LIKE Baby Shark?

    15. Like, this guy definitely needs a Baby Shark intervention, LOL:

    16. And lastly — since you've had to put up with this damn song — you've earned this:

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