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16 Poor, Poor People Who Cried, "That Is NOT What I Ordered!"

Order at your own risk.

1. This "cheeseburger" that came with just a sliver of cheese.

2. And this slice of pie that came topped with mold. Yum!

3. These "chicken tacos" that looked like a couple KFC drumsticks dressed as chicken tacos for Halloween.

4. This fish burger with a minnow-sized bit of fish.

5. And this piece of cake, which arrived looking more like a piece of frosting.

6. This "Caesar salad" that you eat with your hands, I guess?

7. And this salad that dared to show up at the table like this.

8. This "lasagna" that looked a lot more like baked ziti.

9. These banana chocolate chip pancakes that don't quite get how you make banana chocolate chip pancakes.

10. This lettuce-wrapped chicken sandwich that failed the "wrapped" part.

11. And this egg sandwich that just failed in every way possible.

12. This breakfast burrito that came with extra tortilla.

13. These mozzarella sticks minus the mozzarella.

14. This "blueberry" muffin with one sad blueberry.

15. This chicken quesadilla wrap that should be ashamed of itself.

16. And — oh my — this beef and rice dish that came with somebody's keys inside!

H/t r/mildlyinfuriating!