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    16 Hilarious Tweets People Randomly Think Of And Laugh

    You're walking down the street, then you think of these tweets and laugh.

    Hello, funny people! Recently on Twitter, @no_cut_card asked this very important question:

    what’s a tweet you think about randomly and laugh every time?

    And — whoa, Nelly — reading the responses was like taking a walk through the greatest/funniest/most groan-inducing hits of Twitter history.


    Here are some of the most popular tweets people mentioned:


    Tbt to Halloween when I dressed as the babadook but my friend's house had more of a grown ups drinking wine vibe


    [At dinner w girlfriend's parents] "Watch this" *pretends to play plate like tambourine* *her dad gives her a secret thumbs up but I see it*


    My neighbor told me coyotes keep eating his outdoor cats so I asked how many cats he has and he said he just goes to the shelter and gets a new cat afterwards so I said it sounds like he’s just feeding shelter cats to coyotes and then his daughter started crying.


    I wrapped my cat in aluminum foil so government spy satellites cannot monitor when I kiss him on the lips



    PETER PAN: we meet again, Captain Hook CAPTAIN HOOK: well well well-- wait u guys call me Hook? PETER PAN: yeah CAPTAIN HOOK: because of the hand? PETER PAN: ...i'm sorr- CAPTAIN HOOK: wow ok hey my dads dead too why not call me captain dead dad


    Twitter is fun because you get to be like, “Ducks are good” and someone in your mentions will go, “Um, I’m sorry but my brother is married to a duck scientist and this is a harmful view” and then someone else pops up going, “Your silence about horses is extremely telling”


    The whole internet loves Milkshake Duck, a lovely duck that drinks milkshakes! *5 seconds later* We regret to inform you the duck is racist


    it’s catholic canon that in the garden of gethsemane jesus christ saw every sin committed by human beings which means that he watched a guy blasting rope to waluigi hentai and still decided to sacrifice himself for humanity. absolute legend


    antivaxxers on here defending themselves like “if my child dies that’s my opinion”


    "you're better than this"... i'm really not


    Me outside the sculptor's house at 4AM banging two dustbin lids together: WHERE ARE HER SNUBES, LUCIANO? HER SNAKE PUBES, YOU COWARD!!


    hi, grandma? can u come pick me up from my rap battle? it's over. no, i lost. he saw u drop me off & did a pretty devastating rhyme about it


    'I never thought leopards would eat MY face,' sobs woman who voted for the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party.


    the boss hands me a gun, "you know what to do." I nod. outside, I frantically google: boss gun why how to kill is killing ok regift gun ok


    [mysterious old lady flips tarot card revealing a dude who looks exactly like me flying a hot air balloon into power lines] Me: is that good

    You, randomly thinking of one of these tweets in six months:

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