15 Trashy People I Officially Decree Are Banned From Christmas

    Ho ho holy cow who are these people?

    1. Whoever hung this "white Christmas" ornament:

    2. Whoever wore this T-shirt:

    3. Whoever put a giant penis on their roof:

    4. Whoever used a family photo with Santa to try and set up a threesome:

    5. Whoever put these tea towels out for the holidays:

    6. Whoever gave this cursed collection as a "Secret Santa" gift:

    7. Whoever stole this family's Christmas lights...two years in a row:

    8. Whoever decided this was a good way to get money for Christmas gifts:

    9. Whoever returned these expensive Christmas lights a couple days after Christmas:

    10. And whoever returned this Christmas tree on Jan. 4:

    11. Whoever sent out this Christmas card with a “Merry Christmas from my family to yours” message on the inside:

    12. Whoever got mad because they weren't going to be able to drive drunk on Christmas:

    13. Whoever put this "flash truckers for the holidays" sign on the back of their truck:

    14. Whoever put out this inflatable of Santa holding a giant gun:

    15. And lastly, whoever filled out this children's "For Christmas I would like" form with "For you to suck it":