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    Updated on Oct 29, 2018. Posted on Oct 23, 2018

    15 Pumpkins That Were Clearly Carved By Hilariously Weird People

    These people probably shouldn't be allowed to hold knives, tbh.

    1. This pumpkin with their dentures in a glass:

    ludachrissy__ / Via

    2. This cat butt that's...just wrong:

    brettbauerfittv / Via

    3. This dog that's REALLY wrong:

    kelleno / Via

    4. And this pumpkin, which, all I can say is "Go with God":

    urbanarttrader / Via

    5. This pumpkin that's like looking in a mirror:

    6. This hilariously itty-bitty, tiny-faced pumpkin:

    gbjoiner / Via

    7. And this depiction of the food chain:

    8. This very scary pumpkin:

    haasgrzegorz / Via

    9. This scary one that'll make you go, "Oh snap":

    10. And this really, REALLY scary pumpkin:

    11. This wonderfully random Lionel Richie pumpkin:

    sarastakeley / Via

    12. This pumpkin with braces:

    karinmm1 / Via

    13. This pumpkin of a meme-tastic Nicolas Cage:

    krolsoul / Via

    14. This — LOLOLOL —Pumpkinchu:

    15. And this pumpkin from a smartass who is passing the buck this year:

    danieldeyette / Via

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