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    15 Staples Of "Basic" Moms

    Sipping a Starbucks while strolling through Target in Lularoe leggings? Check.

    Hey, there's nothing wrong with being a little bit of a basic mom. Parenting is a very hard, 24/7/365 job, and you can't be original ALL of the time.

    simply_eb_boutique / Via

    Funny moms on Instagram have been posting the things they've done that are total #BasicMom, and they're pretty spot-on:

    1. Grabbing a Starbucks and sipping it as you stroll through Target.

    healwithalyssa / Via

    2. Or buying an Instant Pot — on Amazon Prime Day, no less!

    smilekitkat / Via

    3. Putting mom-themed bumper stickers on your SUV/minivan.

    chellabear / Via

    4. Buying books on blogging for a blog you may or may not ever start.

    oursweetserendipityblog / Via

    5. Rocking a messy bun, like, a lot.

    cuteletterboards / Via

    6. Also, getting a letter board and using it to post Instagrams.

    north_west_jess / Via

    7. Wearing leggings and an oversized sweater as, like, your mom uniform.

    lipstainmama / Via

    8. Those leggings are probably Lalarue, btw (and you wear them a LOT).

    anotherfitmother / Via

    9. Wearing a trucker hat out of the house so you don't have to worry about your hair.

    vanessae2 / Via

    10. Always taking a selfie when you get dressed up to prove you still look great when you get out of your PJs or leggings/sweater.

    mrsrachael_w / Via

    11. Making super popular Pinterest crafts, and posting them to Instagram even though everyone's already seen them.

    coffeeandhotwheels / Via

    12. Also, doing any Pinterest craft involving a mason jar.

    vindylism / Via

    13. Splurging on avocado toast.

    http://ari.a.quinones / Via

    14. Busting out a Trader Joe's treat in the car and finishing most of it before you get home.

    chrystierman / Via

    15. And, finally, dressing up as a cat for Halloween because you're too busy to be anything else.

    aimeeo6 / Via

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