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    15 Funny Instagram Accounts That Will Make Parents Say, "I Needed That Today"

    You gotta laugh or you'll cry.

    1. Kids Are The Worst

    kidsaretheworst / Via

    Mom Anna Macfarlane started this account to show a funny look "at the 'other' side of parenting." Mission accomplished, Anna.

    2. Live From Snack Time

    livefromsnacktime / Via

    Alyssa Cowit is a New York-based kindergarten teacher who — along with Greg Dunbar — started this account to chronicle all of the funny things her students say.

    3. Celeste Barber

    celestebarber / Via

    Celeste is an Australian actress, comedian, and mother of two boys who hilariously re-creates celebrity Instagram photos.

    4. James Breakwell

    james_breakwell / Via

    Twitter star James Breakwell (aka @XplodingUnicorn) shares funny illustrations plus snapshots from his sitcom-ready life as the dad of four daughters and their pet pig, Gilly.

    5. The Real Moms of Instagram

    the.real.moms.of.insta / Via

    If you're looking for Pinterest-perfect parenting, keep moving. This outrageous account is all about the real (sometimes very, very real) moments moms experience every day.

    6. Hurrah for Gin

    hurrahforgin / Via

    Author and illustrator Katie Kirby calls herself "a bit of a twat" in her Instagram bio, but this gin-loving British mom will feel like one of your wisecracking friends.

    7. Average Parent Problems

    averageparentproblems / Via

    Ilana Wiles — author of The Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting — shares a steady stream of all-too-real parenting moments that will have you laughing and saying, "Been there."

    8. Bunmi Laditan

    bunmiladitan / Via

    Funny mom Bunmi Laditan — author of Toddlers Are A**holes: It's Not Your Fault — gives a behind-the-scenes look at her mom life.

    9. Father of Daughters

    father_of_daughters / Via

    Another funny dad with four daughters? Yup! Simon Hooper humorously shares his life without any pretense — and writes terrific, almost blog-like captions.

    10. BuzzFeed Parents

    buzzfeedparents / Via

    Hey, that's us! Our account features lots of original memes and other cool stuff parents will dig.

    11. Beleafmel

    12. Crazy Jewish Mom

    crazyjewishmom / Via

    This hit account features nothing but actual texts from author Kate Siegel's "neurotic, Jewish mother." Mom may be neurotic, but she's also 100% hilarious.

    13. Late Notes

    latenotes / Via

    The bread and butter of Seth Jay King's account are the over-the-top and wacky late notes he sends his poor kids to school with.

    14. Women in Real Life

    womenirl / Via

    Featuring lots of unfiltered moments from the lives of women. And while it doesn't exclusively feature moms, you'll find plenty of mom moments to yuck at.

    15. Anna Denise Floor

    annadenisefloor / Via

    New mom Anna Denise Floor's beautiful account features plenty of looks at her charming and smile-inducing illustrations.

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