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    15 "Oh No You Didn't" Moments Every Parent Has Faced

    Bad news — you procreated with Benedict Arnold.

    1. When the baby is crying late at night but your partner pretends not to hear it — and even lets out a few fake snores!


    2. When you lay down the law to your kid and then overhear your partner consoling them and saying, “It’s OK, sweetie.”


    3. When you and your partner are trying to sneak-eat some Girl Scout cookies but your kid is on to you, so your partner says, “Go ask your dad/mom. They have some, too!"

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    4. When your kid needs a shower, but your partner is feeling snug on the couch so they whisper, “Go tell Daddy/Mommy you want them to give you your shower instead of me.”

    5. When your partner throws in a load of their OWN laundry, but ignores the giant pile of your kid’s stuff.


    6. When you’re (finally) out with your friends and your partner keeps texting you to let you know just how AWFUL THINGS ARE AT HOME WITH THE KID!


    7. When your partner brings the family car back with no gas — so you have to stop for gas the next morning on the way to dropping your kid off at school.


    8. When your kid loses it at a restaurant and you take them outside to calm down, but your partner just eats their meal and doesn’t even send a “Want me to take over?” text.


    9. When your partner leaps up to change your constipated baby’s wet diaper so that — when your kid finally goes all Mt. Vesuvius and has a blowout — they can say, “I changed the last one!” and keep watching TV.


    10. When you’re like, “It’s bedtime. NOW!” But your partner overrules you by saying, “Just five more minutes, kiddo. Then bed, OK?”


    11. When your partner tells your kid one of your embarrassing childhood stories, which leads to you overhearing your kid tell their friends, "When my mom/dad was a kid they pooped themselves mid-song during the talent show!”


    12. When there is leftover mac ’n’ cheese but your partner eats all of it without offering you any.


    13. When your kid asks your partner a tough question (like, “Where do babies come from?”) and they say, “Go ask your mother/father.”


    14. When you tell your kid to “Clean your room or else!” and then walk past their room five minutes later and see your partner cleaning it for them!

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    15. When your partner goes to the store and brings back everything on the list — except that treat you really, really needed after a long day.

    Enjoy the couch, traitor!!!!

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