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    16 Things People Learned About Their Partners' Families That Were Total Deal Breakers

    Never meet the family.

    After we shared a list of deal-breaking dating stories about potential in-laws, BuzzFeed readers shared a bunch of their own nightmare stories. And, well, wow:

    1. "My ex’s mom photoshopped my face in all of our pictures because I 'just needed a few things fixed.'"

    2. "After I slept with my ex for the first time, his mom said to me, 'Doesn't my son have a really big dick? His brothers' aren’t that big, and he definitely didn’t get it from his dad.'"


    3. "The dad of a guy I was dating was the most sexist man alive. He literally made his wife wait for him to eat and ask his permission to go out. I was terrified my boyfriend was going to be like his father, but as time progressed, he was nothing like him.

    "We decided to go study abroad, and my boyfriend's parents said they would lend him the money. But when the date for leaving approached, his dad told him that he spent the money on his mistress."


    4. "I'm an adult with ARFID (avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder), and unfortunately, I met my ex's family at a Thanksgiving dinner. After I politely declined a handful of things, his grandmother scoffed and said, 'If you don't like anything, how'd you get so fat?'"

    5. "My high school boyfriend’s mother splashed holy water on me because I 'had the devil’s fingerprints' on me. I do not miss that woman."


    6. "My partner's mum was bitching about me on Facebook and didn’t realize I could see it. When I called her out on it, she said, 'Oh well, shit happens.'”


    7. "I once dated a 25-year-old guy who told me that he enjoyed cuddling in bed with his 23-year-old sister. I always tried to forget it, but I never really could. It just spoiled the relationship for me."

    8. "I had a boyfriend who had a creepy habit of flirting with his mother. His mother was equally odd and made loud comments about my sex life with her son. She'd also ring me up to nag me into moving in with him. She was, in all honesty, one of the reasons I broke off the relationship.

    "I hear she's still a manipulative, interfering moo — she put an ad in a lonely hearts column, pretending to be her son, but didn’t ask him first."


    9. "I found out that my ex's dad had multiple 'girlfriends' in Thailand, and he would fly to visit them once a month and video-chat them every day. They were sex workers. He was spending thousands of dollars on them while also skipping out on child support payments.

    "His son, my ex, didn’t think it was wrong or weird to spend money on strangers while his half-siblings went without badly needed new clothes and shoes."


    10. "My ex's mom reported me to the police for 'kidnapping' him when he came to my house once."


    11. "Once, I called the guy I'd started dating and his sister answered. I'd never met her, but she said she didn't like me and wouldn't tell him I called. She then hung up."


    12. "My ex left my birthday party because his mom called him and told him she wanted a pizza. He didn’t come back, either, even though he lived less than 10 minutes away."


    13. "The first time I met my boyfriend’s family, his mom totally ignored me. She refused to look at me and walked away. Later, she asked him why he brought his 'booty call' over."

    14. "This guy brought me home to meet his parents, but I wasn’t aware that they weren’t on board with his orientation. He introduced me to his mom, who stared daggers at me, as if to say, 'Why the hell are you with my son?!' When we went to his room to hang out, I could see he was texting his mom. They were texting in Spanish, which I can read, and she was pissed: 'I forbid this. I am your mother!'"


    15. "He took me to meet his parents and neglected to tell them in advance that I'm black. The looks of sheer horror on their faces made me want to leave immediately.

    "Over dinner, his mom kept saying, 'I hope this food is all right; I don't know what "you people" eat.' His dad asked what my parents do. I said Dad is a welder and Mom is a custodian at the high school. He responded with, 'Typical.' I stood up, walked out, and called my dad from a 7-Eleven pay phone. Never spoke to that guy again."


    16. "His mother told me she’d always sort of had a crush on her own son — after admitting that he slept in her bed until he was 12, which was coincidentally when she got remarried."

    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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