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14 Hilarious Times Harry Potter Fans Were Epically Trolled

Accio trolling!

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3. This Variety magazine parody account that made everyone think Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was getting made with the original cast.

Joss Whedon to write and direct "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" film for Warner Bros, original cast to return.…

This may have been the cruelest Rick Roll ever.


5. The person who trolled her friend — and the rest of us — with this image we won't be able to unsee.

Me: I photoshopped Hermione with Steve Buscemi’s eyes, wanna see? Friend: No. Me: C’mon! Friend: Stop. Me:

6. Whoever wrote this rejection letter from Hogwarts University with the line "We regret to inform you your application to the stated establishment cannot be processed at this time due to the fact it does not exist."


As you might imagine, J.K. had to post a tweet clarifying things.

I've been asked to make it clear that Harambe is not a Patronus you can actually get on @pottermore. The previous RT is a joke. As you were.


14. And this kid who answered a "What would you do with a billion dollars?" prompt with an idea for the most savage and elaborate Harry Potter trolling ever.

The kid's response reads: “If I had one billion dollars I would make an orphan believe he was going to Hogwarts to learn magic. I would pay actors to pretend to be wizards and have a fake Hagrid take him shopping at a pretend Diagon Alley. I would plan elaborate magic illusions to convince him he really was a wizard. Finally, I would convince him to run at the wall to get to platform 9 3/4. As soon as he hits the wall balloons would fall from the sky and a giant banner would fall down that reads: ‘Magic Isn’t Real.’”