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    14 Times Adults Trolled Kids In The Most Hilariously Subtle Of Ways

    Sorry, kids, LOL.

    1. When this cereal box sold kids on the idea of "actual reality" glasses:

    amybris / Via

    2. And when this restaurant's kids menu gave its choices hilariously kid-appropriate names:

    3. When this charming illustration in a children's book casually slipped in a drug bust:

    rr2211 / Via

    4. When every adult in this kid's life encouraged this Peppa Pig haircut:

    woodyinchina / Via

    5. When this person turned their car into a cooler Little Tikes Cozy Coupe than any kid ever had:

    naomar22 / Via

    6. When this airline named its kid-content section "Are We There Yet?":

    tingzhb / Via

    7. When the person who designed this mannequin for kids' workout wear made it buffer than any kid ever:

    arillyis / Via

    8. When this company sold a door lock with a decoy button for kids to push and push and push...:

    syrinx_temple / Via

    9. When this playground decided to make swings as much for the parents as for the kids:

    yarpyarp_narp / Via

    10. When this pediatrician's office put its light switch way out of kids' reach:

    unfortunatelybig / Via

    11. And when this doctor's office framed all of the items they've had to remove from kids' stomachs:

    boxesofcats / Via

    12. When a knife store handed out Band-Aids to kids at the mall's trick or treat event:

    girlanamedgeorge / Via

    13. When a company sold this "webcam" that made kids think Santa was streaming what they were doing on his computer:

    angrypancakes / Via

    14. And lastly, when a grandma gave this to her grandkid after they asked for a "wireless mouse with buttons on the side":

    hotpotatoyo / Via

    (OK, the trolling here may not have been exactly subtle, but it was VERY funny.)