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    Posted on Nov 5, 2017

    14 Unforgettable Truths About Being A Movie Fan In The '90s

    Why exactly did you see so many Pauly Shore movies?

    1. Nobody prepared you for Macauley Culkin's character dying in My Girl.


    These were the days before the internet, so you knew nothing about the plot. You just waltzed into the theater thinking, “Yay! Another movie with that cute, funny kid from Home Alone!” Then you left basically needing therapy — because no one warned you!

    2. Clueless made you a HUGE Alicia Silverstone fan….


    ...but Excess Baggage and Batman and Robin seriously dampered your enthusiasm.

    Warner Bros./Columbia

    Sorry, Alicia.

    3. You thought Jim Carrey was pretty damn funny — but you didn't think your classmates' endless Jim Carrey impressions were.

    Warner Bros./New Line

    Kid in period one: "Want to hear the most annoying sound in the world? Aaaaargh!"

    Kid in period two: "Oooooh, somebody stop me!"

    Kid in period three: "Alllllllllllllllllrighty then!"

    You in every period: "STOP! JUST STOP!"

    4. You may not have constantly quoted Jim Carrey, but after seeing Friday you WERE guilty of saying "Damn!" every chance you got.

    New Line

    5. You were crazy about Beverly Hills, 90210, so you raced out to see the first movies by the cast...and you were NOT rewarded for your dedication.


    Dude, Brandon Walsh, WTF was Calendar Girl? And Dylan McKay, Terminal Bliss was more like interminable miss.

    6. In hindsight, you have no idea why you saw so many Pauly Shore movies.


    1994: "Hey Bud-dy!" LOLOLOLOLOL

    2017: "Hey Bud-dy!" NOOOOOOOO

    7. You almost always won your Oscar pools because you always bet on the period piece for Best Picture.


    Only 2/9 of the decade’s Best Picture Winners (bolded below) were set in the present day:

    1990 — Dances With Wolves

    1991 — The Silence of the Lambs

    1992 — Unforgiven

    1993 — Schindler’s List

    1994 — Forrest Gump

    1995 — Braveheart

    1996 — The English Patient

    1997 — Titanic

    1998 — Shakespeare in Love

    1999 — American Beauty

    8. You loved Election, but hated not being able to talk about it because pretty much no one else had seen it.


    If people are going to be real, so many of the '90s movies people love today — like Swing Kids or Empire Records — went unnoticed at the time, so you were constantly left hanging trying to have conversations about them. Again, you couldn't jump on the internet to discuss them!

    9. Today you might be a little embarrassed (or proud, lol) of just how many times you saw Titanic in theaters.

    Paramount/20th Century Fox

    Leo + Kate (+you) 4eva.

    10. You watched Drew Barrymore go from an edgy, troubled former child star into loveably goofy actress/producer extraordinaire and you were here for it.

    New Line, /20th Century Fox

    11. It was the golden age of baseball movies — A League of Their Own, Rookie of the Year, The Sandlot, Angels in the Outfield — the list goes on and on.

    20th Century Fox/Columbia/Disney

    Also of note: When you saw Gary Busey in Rookie of the Year he seemed like a totally normal dude. Watch it now and you're like, "Is that really Busey?"

    12. You absolutely knew one (or ten) Tarantino fans who talked your ear off about wanting to go to film school.


    The easiest way to shut them up was to say, "Film school, huh? You do realize Tarantino never went, right?"

    13. If you went back in time and told yourself that Meg Ryan and Wesley Snipes had all but disappeared from the movies by 2017, you wouldn't have believed it.

    Miramax/Warner Bros., Warner Bros.

    14. And, lastly, some of your best memories of the ‘90s involved going with friends and family to see the latest movies by these familiar faces.

    Columbia/Warner/New Line/Disney/Paramount

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