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    14 Fantasies Moms Want So, So, So Badly To Experience IRL

    You won't believe what moms — fans self — really want to do.

    1. They're aching to do this in bed.

    2. And they want it HOT.

    3. They want to be...appreciated.

    4. And they dream about not seeing their partner's clothes...anywhere.

    5. They want someone unafraid to get dirty.

    6. They want some solo time.

    7. And more solo time.

    8. Mmm. This actually sounds REALLY good.

    9. This fantasy involves Jell-O. Kinky!

    10. And this one involves toys. (I think I'm blushing.)

    11. They fantasize about leaving the kids behind and doing public.

    12. Two men at once! Wowza!

    13. They want to hit that perfect spot.

    14. And they want to Netflix and chill, wink wink.