14 Differences Between First-Time And Experienced Parents

Parenting will change you.

1. 1. First-Time Parents: Prepping for baby

3. 2. First-Time Parents: The nursery

4. Experienced Parents:

5. 3. First-Time Parents: Announcing your child’s birth

6. Experienced Parents:

7. 4. First-Time Parents: When the baby wakes at 3 a.m.

8. Experienced Parents:

9. 5. First-Time Parents: Dressing their kids

10. Experienced Parents:

11. 6. First-Time Parents: Bathing your kid

12. Experienced Parents:

13. 7. First-Time Parents: When their child gets hurt

14. Experienced Parents:

15. 8. First-Time Parents: Grooming habits

16. Experienced Parents:

17. 9. First-Time Parents: When your kids meet milestones

18. Experienced Parents:

19. 10. First-Time Parents: Meeting costumed characters

20. Experienced Parents:

21. 11. First-Time Parents: Hiring a babysitter

22. Experienced Parents:

23. 12. First-Time Parents: Birthday parties

24. Experienced Parents:

25. 13. First-Time Parents: When their child talks all day

26. Experienced Parents:

27. 14. First-Time Parents: When they meet their new baby

28. Experienced Parents:

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