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14 Dads Who Almost Certainly Had A Worse Father's Day Than Yours

Dads, we don't deserve them.

1. The dad who was presented with this sad, melted ice cream cake.

2. The dad whose kid didn't exactly nail the photo shoot.

3. The dad whose family rolled into a card aisle that looked like this.

4. And the dad who GOT this text.

5. The dad whose flowers didn't look anything like what his kid ordered.

6. The dad who received this "Father's Day" card.

7. And the dad who got this "Father's Day" balloon.

8. The dad who was really looking forward to his lemon torte.

9. The dad whose "dad" pancakes look more like "dab" pancakes.

10. The dad who got second billing on his own card.

11. And the dad who was #1 in his kid's heart, sort of.

12. The dad whose cookie didn't make it to the big day.

Uhoh! The cookie we bought for dad is no more #fathersdayfail

13. The dad whose kid — shudders — took up this offer.

14. And the dad who was served this mouth-watering breakfast.