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    13 School Lunches That Literally No Parent Has Time To Make

    They're super cute, super creative, and super not happening.

    1. Not gonna lie — this looks adorable — but unfortunately I use up all my "crafting Winnie the Pooh faces" time in the morning dragging my kids (who are "too tiiiiiiiired") out of bed.

    2. And while my kids would love these The Lorax hot dogs, my kids also need me to spend 10 minutes each morning helping them find their shoes.

    3. Love the creativity on this "boy gone fishing" sandwich, but my kids woke up "sick" and I have to take their temperatures to prove they're fine. (It's test day.)

    4. Props to the dad who made this amazing The Lego Movie lunch — really! — but my kids just announced at 7:44 a.m. they need to dress up like literary characters, so...

    5. This Red Sox lunch is a home run, but arguing with my kids over how long they REALLY need to brush their teeth sucked up all my spare melon scooping time.

    6. Wowza! This homemade sushi looks drool-worthy, but I just found a bunch of knots in my kid's hair after they yelled, "I ALREADY BRUSHED IT!!!"

    7. Is this bunny lunch cute? Yes. Do I need to clean up a carton of milk spilled all over the kitchen floor? Also yes.

    8. This is adorable, but my kid can't find the homework I told them to put in their homework folder...because they can't find their homework folder.

    9. This is cute with a capital "C", but I just spent 10 minutes mediating my kids' fight over who gets to eat cereal out of the blue bowl, so it's not going to happen.

    10. A "make your own waffles" lunch is incredible, but my kid picked shorts and a tank top to wear in 45 degree weather and I'm going to need to change them into a whole new outfit.

    11. Wait...parents are doing AMAZING napkins too? Come on! Ok, this is awesome, but the dog just threw up and I have to deal with that on top of everything else. Also, it's 7:58 a.m. and I'm wearing a robe.

    12. Would my kids be thrilled to have this in their lunch? Yes. But my kids also move about as fast as that sloth in Zootopia when putting on their coats.

    13. Finally, these homemade lunch bags are ten parts of awesome, but once the kids are ready I have like four and a half minutes left to get MYSELF ready, so...