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    12 Elf On The Shelf Ideas To Thrill Kids, And 12 That'll Scar Them For Life

    Some elves are nice, and some elves are naughty.

    1. Aww, this "elf makes a Skittles rainbow" idea is sure to thrill kids when they see it!

    danyellcraig / Via

    But for the love of all that is holy don't let them see this elf!

    @DrJenGunter / Via Twitter: @DrJenGunter

    2. This "Taco Tuesday" elf idea is so cute for kids!

    _xomirandaxo_ / Via

    But this elf sniffing panties definitely is not!

    icecreamdave / Via

    3. This trick to make your elf look like they got stuck in the TV is so clever! Your kids will never forget it!

    dawnydawnperil / Via

    But they'll also never forget (in a bad way) this Halloween meets Christmas mashup!

    eve_the_medicaid_queen / Via

    4. This "Baby Shark" song idea is a surefire winner for little kids!

    bethanyb05 / Via

    But you DO NOT want them to see an oiled-up Barbie straddling your elf!

    sexed2017 / Via

    5. Then there's this elf who has a headache from doing math homework. What kid couldn't relate? Hee!

    frugalcouponliving / Via

    But an elf filming a...carrot porno? What the...? Anyway, NOT FOR KIDS!

    queequeg_ / Via

    6. Now this is a fun idea for kids who love Hamilton!

    pamelambirds / Via

    But this set-up of an elf doing blow (or cinnamon, the elves' drug of choice) is NOT!

    bdcharacterlab / Via

    7. Tee-hee! This "elf farted in a jar" idea is guaranteed to make your kid laugh and laugh and laugh!

    johannastafford / Via johannastafford

    But this Saw-themed idea will make them cry and cry and cry!

    jeffpolinski / Via

    8. Lookee here! An elf in a wrestling match! Such a fun idea! Go, Elf, go!

    @GreatDonovan / Via Twitter: @GreatDonovan

    But an elf riding a dildo? Come on! NOT for kids! Uh...Go, elf, go?

    calexoticsI / Via

    9. So pure! An elf taking a bath with a ducky in a Crock-Pot!

    christmaself_2018 / Via

    But this elf selling pot is not for kids — even if it is medicinal!

    BadElfOnDaShelf / Via Twitter: @BadElfOnDaShelf

    10. Ooh, here's another clever one for kids! An elf shredding dollars into coins!

    juliee_1985 / Via

    But this elf at an all-male revue is NOT kid friendly! A set-up like this could take an eye out!

    dj_oskr_halo / Via

    11. Roar! These elves keeping dinosaurs at bay are sure to excite a kid, don't you think?

    ernieandpetetheelves / Via

    But come on! I'm not even...I mean...get out of here!

    stormjar / Via

    12. And finally, punny potty humor like this is sure to get a thumbs up from kids!

    shihtzu_boysie_ldn / Via

    But this...this is just too far, people. RIP Elfie. / Via captain_shrubbface

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