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100 Ridiculously Funny Kids Who Will Keep You Laughing For Hours

All of the fun of kids with none of the tantrums.

1. This kid who is wondering what happened to his lollipop.

2. This girl who thinks teddy bears are so passé.

3. This kid who already got more game than any of us.

4. This baby who loves compliments.

Before and after I told him he was beautiful

5. This kiddo who was not excited to be a big sister.

6. This toddler who DGAF about what time it is.

7. This little girl who was worried about the mannequin's prostate.

8. This boy whose idea of "gently kissing" is very different than the rest of ours.

Atlantis Dolphin Bay Instructor: "Gently kiss the dolphin" My nephew:

9. This cutie who jumped into the middle of another family's photo.

10. This kid who is basically living the dream.

11. This little guy who is serious about candy.

12. Pint-sized standup Saffron Herndon, whose act is hilariously inappropriate.

13. This kid who knew exactly how to treat her sore throat.

14. This sleeping baby who wasn't trying to be funny, but....

15. This little girl who knows how to pack for a trip to the store.

16. And this kid who multitasks in the best way possible.

LMFAOOOOOOOOO I just walked in on my son eating wings in the bathtub 😭😭😭

17. This future boss.

18. This first grader whose letter to the elderly will never be described as "tactful."

19. Any toddler who has gone into the pool in a regular diaper.

20. The kids responsible for this Father's Day feast.

21. This kid who tops the list of "favorite people ever to enter an Apple store."

22. And this kid who tops the list of "favorite people ever to take a dance class."

23. This 6-year-old who made some additions to his parents' shopping list.

24. This baby who looks just like Cam from Modern Family.

@ericstonestreet Our baby is your doppelganger! It only seemed right for our family to be Cam, Mitchell and Lily.

25. This one who is a little clone of Gordon Ramsey.

@GordonRamsay this is our baba - have you been in Wales for any reason around 10 months ago 😂😂

26. And this kid who is pretty proud he looks like Prince George.

27. This girl who needs spelling lessons...stat.

28. This toddler who isn't big on table manners.

29. This sweet, little Romeo who tried to impress his crush.

When the little girl your nephew has a crush on says she's going to be grapes for Halloween, so he asks to be grape…

30. This Target-loving kid who threw his birthday party there.

31. The proud inventor of "fart shoes."

32. Author Kelly Oxford's hilarious daughter, Bea, who tells it like it is.

33. 10-year-old Ricky, who has some stuff figured out.

34. This kid who is already a master of revenge.

35. This kid whose "wrong" answer was probably better than the "right" one.

36. This kid who is the most relatable hero ever.

37. This kid whose goals for the future are refreshingly modest.

38. Ditto for this kid.

39. This little girl who still needs to work on her makeup game. (But auntie's is on point!)

40. This kid who was epically savage on his birthday.

41. This little guy who decided to cover his entire kitchen with carrots...and was pretty happy about it.

42. These kids who have their own way of watching TV.

43. This kid who got the camera's attention at a baseball game and DID. NOT. LET. IT. GO.

44. This boy's sisters who made sure he would never sleep this deeply ever again.

45. This kid who wants to share his favorite tunes with...everyone.

46. This 3-year-old who tried cotton candy for the first time and went absolutely nuts.

47. This kid whose answer for #3 may not have been what the teacher wanted, but isn't wrong.

48. The kid who said, "I can't eat this carrot because it has legs!"

49. This boy who thought the display toilets at Home Depot were real toilets.

50. This kid whose protest sign was adorably on point.

51. This funny little girl.

52. This little girl who isn't playing — even when she's playing.

53. This kid who fiercely protects her computer time.

54. This girl who isn't sure about this "first day of school" stuff.

my lil sis was so excited for her first day of school until she realized I couldn't stay w her lmfao

55. This kid who is surely now banned from powdered sugar.

56. This kid who — oh my! — came up with a very scary prank.

57. This kid who hasn't totally mastered the bathroom.

58. This 5-year-old who might need a little less time with the iPad.

59. This toddler who hilariously melted down on live TV.

60. This (likely) future vegetarian.

61. Little Willow the costume queen, who always slays on Halloween.

62. And this kid who also brought the LOLs on Halloween.

63. One more Halloween costume (which is funny AND scary).

64. This kid who isn't going to find what he's looking for.

65. This little girl who is really bad at hide and seek.

66. This little girl who got handsy with these princesses.

67. This little kitten, er, toddler.

68. This kid who was NOT feeling the fair.

69. This little girl who has a very, very patient dog.

70. This 'lil slugger who was told to "keep your eye on the ball."

71. This little girl who had a very literal reaction to being asked to "name the quadrilaterals."

72. This kid who was told, "You're not to set foot outside!"

73. These naughty kids who are at least good listeners!

74. This first-time deodorant user who used a ruler because "the spray has to be 15 cm away."

75. This very pleased little mermaid.

76. This kid who gets an "A" for effort.

77. This kid who goes his own way and I'm here for it.

78. This kid who has her own way of reading.

"My arms get so tired when I read!" #MyKidIsWeird

79. This kid who took precautions against injury.

80. This baby who had a Taco Bell-themed photo shoot.

81. This boy who is ABSOLUTELY. OVER. SHOPPING.

82. This kid who REALLY hates sharing.

83. This "little man."

Hey kid sorry your parents are straight up idiots but this was funny

84. This girl who knows driving with a friend is more fun.

85. The kid who wrote this epic Father's Day card.

86. This kid who was just along for the ride.

87. This future titan of industry.

88. This kid epically struggling to eat a ballpark hot dog.

View this video on YouTube

89. This kid who doesn't like to be bothered.

90. This kid who wants to loaf around all summer.

91. The creator of "Janet."

92. This makeup expert who found a new use for a sanitary pad.

When your 8 year old sister makes a makeup tutorial and sees a pad for the first time...what better use?😂

93. This cutie who loves ketchup.

I just want someone who looks at me the way my brother looks at ketchup

94. This girl who takes age-appropriate language seriously.

95. This kid whose play area mishap was even funnier set to Whitney Houston music.

96. This girl who totally owned "Crazy Hair Day."

Today was crazy hair day at my lil cousins school and this is what her mom did to her she's so extra I love it

97. This toddler who is a real problem solver.

98. This kid dancing behind a reporter live on TV, LOL.

I'm WHEEZING. RT @SisterShanise: This is why I want a son.

99. This kid who made good use of the 30 seconds he had his mom's phone.

100. And this kid who made good use of the 30 seconds before her mom turned around.