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Updated on Dec 4, 2019. Posted on Dec 3, 2019

37 Times People Turned Elf On The Shelf Into An Art Form In The 2010s

Nothing but top-shelf elf.

1. This Harry Potter elf was probably the first Elf on the Shelf idea to go viral during the decade:

2. But this one featuring Buddy's famous spaghetti was right behind it:

Lori Espada / Via

3. For years after the release of Frozen, people were freezing their elves in ice blocks:

Staci Mcneil / Via Twitter: @zacharyjaydon

4. They were also melting snowmen that hopefully weren't Olaf:

5. There were lots of Titanic ideas, but this one was probably the best:

6. And there were even "Netflix and chill" ideas:


In fact, in the 2010s, taking photos of elves being inappropriate (snorting cocaine, at strip clubs, etc.) was a whole thing.

7. Remember that popular "replacing photos in someone's house" prank? Well, many mischievous elves gave it a try:

8. Elves got mischievous on copy machines, too:

9. The Voice was big in the decade, so of course this idea HAD to happen:

10. This popular "Minions as bananas" idea was in lots and lots of homes:

11. No trend went ignored in the '10s — not the "Baby Shark" song:

12. Not the "floss" dance:

13. Not Minecraft:

14. Not that Pie Face! game:

15. Not those gag-inducing Beanboozled jelly beans:

16. And not emojis:

17. Randomly, peas were a popular prop, as seen here in this "peas on earth" idea:

18. And in this "I peed myself" one:

19. And, of course, the decade couldn't have a "peed" gag without a "pooed" one:

20. Yep, Hershey's Kisses were a popular poop prop:

21. The return of Star Wars during the '10s inspired some epic Elf on the Shelf ideas, like this viral one:

Ween Cardillo Saundarino / Via

22. And this one:

cBattery / Via

23. The Avengers, of course, showed up a lot too, like in this fun sack race idea:

24. And this ingenious Spider-Elf idea:

25. Then there was this idea, which was straight out of Jurassic World:

26. Honestly, parents just got super creative:

27. I mean, elves went to spas:

28. And worked fast-food counters:

29. And taught school:

30. And even did yoga:

31. This standout idea was magical and funny at the same time:

32. Another popular idea that not everyone could pull off was putting an elf inside a balloon:

33. This very clever idea had an interactive element that kids loved:

34. While this one had an interactive element that kids DIDN'T love:

35. Some great ideas — like this homage to the "Schweddy Balls" sketch on Saturday Night Live back in 1998 — were more for the parents than the kids:

36. Ditto for this Mister Rogers one:

37. And finally, this idea was the perfect way for your elf to say goodbye:

Did you take a fun Elf on the Shelf photo? Share it in the comments below!

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