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50 Absolutely Hilarious Parents Who Will Make You Pee-Laugh

No kids were harmed in the making of this post.

1. The pregnant mom who, when everyone was watching the live cam of April the giraffe laboring to give birth...

...hilariously re-enacted it on Facebook Live.

2. The dad who took extreme measures to prove just how much his daughter looks like him:

3. The mom who LOL'd through this food emergency:

4. The dad who left this comment on his daughter’s photo with her boyfriend:

5. The mom who needs to re-think her balloon-holding posture:

6. The mom and dad team who re-create famous movie scenes with their kids — and stuff they find around the house:

7. The parents who gave their The Office-loving kid a birthday he’ll never forget:

8. The mom who had the genius idea to wear swim googles when chopping onions:

9. The dad who photobombed his daughter's prom photo:

10. The mom who came up with this doughnut for her daughter's Crazy Hair Day:

11. The dad who went ALL OUT when re-enacting his daughter's selfie:

12. Also the parents whose take on their son’s Facebook photo was eerily on point:

13. And the moms who... 😂 ...did this:

14. The dad who realized his baby looks a whole lot like a kiwi:

15. The mom who — when her smart-aleck son joked he wanted a urinal cake for his birthday — came through:

16. The "sentimental" dad who texted his daughter this touching snapshot:

17. The mom who got creative for a breast cancer fundraiser:

18. The dad who made all the other dads in the world proud:

19. The parents who gave their kid this card:

20. The dad who had a little fun with this bag of chips:

21. The used-car salesperson/mom who wrote this message:

22. The dad who formally rejected his son's request for $20:

23. The parents who got their daughter this blunt cake:

24. The dad who experienced this birth out in the wild:

25. The mom who unleashed this epic Frozen knock-knock joke:

26. The dad who rocked his daughter's Pikachu onesie:

27. The mom who WAS. NOT. PLEASED:

28. The dad who insisted on using a selfie stick in public:

29. The mom who told her son this was the only cup he could drink alcohol out of in college:

30. The parents who should have been models, clearly:

31. The dad whose baby inherited his bedhead:

32. The mom who expertly trolled her daughter via text, lol:

33. The dad who dropped off his daughter at school while cosplaying as a war boy from Mad Max: Fury Road:

34. The mom who did NOT want anyone to wake her baby:

35. The parent who pulled this harmless yet too-funny prank:

36. The mom who razzed her kid on Snapchat:

37. The parents who gifted their daughter an "apple watch":

38. The mom who wasn’t about to let her kid skip out on a chore:

39. The dad who made the most out of having twins:

40. The mom who took this disturbing/hilarious snapshot:

41. The parents who sent their son this not-at-all subtle message:

42. The mom who hung this gentle reminder in the laundry room:

43. The parents who made asses of themselves:

44. The mom who knew just how to inspire her kid to greatness:

45. The parents who sent their kid at camp a troll-y postcard every day:

46. The mom who wanted her family to know she was NOT committing suicide:

47. The dad who shared his wife's savage directions for feeding their toddler:

48. The mom who had her own way of wishing her kid a happy Cinco de Mayo:

49. The parents who repainted their house — except for their son's room:

50. And the mom who ordered the wrong kind of mixer online: