18 Of The Most Refreshing Things In The World

When things often get stale, it’s life’s refreshing moments that we live for. Take a breather and enjoy a couple that will make you say ahhh. And while you’re in the zone, ”like” mike’s hard lemonade for more refreshing content.

1. A Cool Glass of Ice Tea

2. The Sound Of Rushing Water

3. That feeling when your feet first hit the water

4. Warm Laundry That Just Came Out Of The Dryer

5. Watching The Sunset

6. Driving With The Top Down

7. This snail casually taking a shower

8. The cool breeze from an oncoming subway train

9. These Dogs In The Pool

10. This disabled cat getting a set of wheels

11. The spray of the ocean when you’re on a boat

12. Enjoying a cold one while chillin’ on the beach

13. Catching The Perfect Wave

14. Jumping off a high cliff into the cool water below

15. Surfing when you’re on fire

16. Playing In These Fountains

17. That Perfect Drizzle

18. Finding The Perfect View

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