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Posted on Nov 26, 2017

We Tried Khloé Kardashian's Diet For A Week And It Was Brutal

It's all about introducing healthier habits into your everyday life.

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Khloé Kardashian changed her diet and exercise habits in 2017, and she looks healthy, happy, fit, and just plain AMAZING.


Maya and Selorm wanted to try something new, so they made a pact to try Khloe's super strict diet for an entire week.


Maya says she's an emotional eater, so she wanted to introduce healthier habits into her life. For Selorm, it was more about getting herself to eat more of her home-cooked meals.

Watch how it went!

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First, Selorm went straight to the source. This is Dr. Philip Goglia, Khloé Kardashian's nutritionist himself, who said working with Khloé was amazing because she's "warrioresque."


The doc says Khloé was totally open to the coaching of eating her food.

This is the face the ladies made when they found out what they could eat, and how many times they were expected to eat for the next week. LOL!


Meal 1: Smoothie (yes, that's all)

Meal 2: 1 piece of fruit

Meal 3: Chicken and vegetables

Meal 4: Vegetables and 12 almonds (Oooooh, 12 almonds)

Meal 5: Vegetables and 1 egg

Meal 6: Fatty fish and vegetables

Meal 7: 1 piece of fruit (really?)

Oh! They also get one cheat day. Hallelujah!


Did I mention they also had to avoid all of the following foods, which was 100% no bueno, and not at all easy to do?


The doc even compared bread to metabolic heroin. Ouch.

On Day 1 they both nailed it! Selorm had her shake and veggies ready to go, while Maya prepared a chicken, avocado, brown rice, and spinach bowl.


On Day 2 they both avoided eating anything besides beans, lettuce, rice, and chicken. Way to go, ladies!


It was also cool that they had each other for moral support.

Okay, so on Day 3 shit got a bit real and they both veered just a tiny bit off course. Don't judge!


In a moment of weakness Maya went for an Egg McMuffin!

And this was what Selorm indulged in JUST THIS ONCE.


She says she felt bad after cheating, and not just, like, guilty, but also physically bad since her body was so used to the healthy stuff.

By the time Day 4 rolled around, they were both back on track preparing their protein powder smoothie, and drinking it with smiles on their faces.


Okay, so they said it tasted like full-on chocolate sludge, but it was totally tolerable.

On Day 5 the ladies carried on. Selorm had her 12 almonds (yep), while Maya realized it was totally not an inconvenience to switch out bad snacks like chips or cookies with healthy ones like fruit!


Day 6 came and went and, before they knew it, it was their glorious "cheat day!" They went straight for the bread and cheese because, of course!


It was glorious.

SUCCESS! It was Day 7, aka their last day. They both survived Khloé Kardashian's intense diet for an entire week! And with that came some awesome realizations.


Maya noticed that she not only had more energy and felt stronger both physically and mentally, but she also lost three pounds.

And Selorm is now going to definitely consider eating things that are actually good for her instead of just eating anything she wants.


You don't have to go into full-on warrioresque mode like Khloé. It's just a matter of introducing healthier habits into your everyday life and slowy phasing out the no-so-healthy ones.

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