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    We Tried Ridiculous '80s Workouts And Enjoyed Them More Than We Expected To

    “She is rocking that leotard, hot damn!”

    Everyone knows the '80s was the most fun decade. But few things have aged more spectacularly than '80s workout videos, so we decided to try a few out.

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    We started off with a Richard Simmons classic, "Party Off The Pounds."

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    Quinta totally nailed it, to no one's surprise.

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    Even though we weren't sure how much of a workout we were getting, it was super fun.

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    Then we turned things around completely with the more relaxed "Dancin' Grannies" spectacle.

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    Reactions were mixed.

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    For the final push, we challenged ourselves to Deborah Crocker's aerobic "Superbody" workout.

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    Things got intense quite quickly.

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    Like really, really intense.

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    Despite finishing up sweaty and exhausted, doing these silly moves ended up being the highlight of our day.

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