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    Watching These 35 Adorable Corgis Will Brighten Up Your Day

    Little stubby legs all day erry day!

    We asked our Facebook fans from around the world to send us their cutest corgi videos. Behold:

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    This corgi demonstrates the ritualistic "scratching my back" dance.

    Bubbles here wasn't expecting this much of a wild ride.

    Just practicing my doggy paddle ahead of time, NBD.

    Here, Marcel Le Corgi enjoys his first holiday biscuit.

    With the grace of a dolphin, Butters the fluffy corgi glides through the snow.

    Here, the majestic corgi effortlessly intercepts an incoming tennis ball.

    Corgis can't be majestic 24/7, though.

    And Banjo the Corgi learns the hard way that sometimes the tennis ball just won't cooperate.

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