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Lady Gaga's Applause Song Isn't Nearly As Epic As This German One

Lady Gaga declared a pop music EMERGENCY and released her new single "Applause" early after it leaked. But the Germans already beat her to it with a chart-topping applause song.

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Sportfreunde Stiller made it to number 4 on the German charts with their song "Applaus, Applaus." I have no idea what the song is about but it doesn't matter because it's awesome. It's the best music out of Germany since we all liked Rammstein for those five weeks in the late '90s.

I've read the lyrics in the high school poetry version of what was actually said produced by Google Translate, but all that doesn't matter, because it's delightful!

But Lady Gaga ain't bad either, even if her declaration of her song leaking as a pop music EMERGENCY may have a dash of hyperbole. You know, a sprinkling on top. (The only emergency is that self-consciously artsy makeup, girl.)

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(Credit to the incredible Who Charted podcast for helping me discover "Applaus, Applaus." Check out the Andy Daly episode for more German chart excellence.)

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