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21 Things You'll Miss When You Leave Liverpool

Because there's nowhere else quite like it.

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1. Proper homemade scouse.

Instagram: @guayenr

You really cannot get good scouse anywhere other than Liverpool. Never accept a poor imitation.

4. The unavoidable Superlambananas.

Instagram: @laurensbond

You'll probably loathe them while living here, but as soon as you're gone you'll miss seeing them in all their weirdly-shaped, artistic glory.


5. An unrivalled view of the historic Liver birds.

Instagram: @sotremendous

The superb view of the Liver buildings from Oh Me Oh My is second to none. Plus nowhere else has iconic buildings as impressive.


10. Our collective disdain of The Sun newspaper.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 36593372@N04

For a city that's had a long, unpleasant relationship with it because of its reporting on Hillsborough, seeing others reading and enjoying it feels wholly unnatural.


13. The sight of literally hundreds of Santas.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 11915922@N00

Once a year the Santa Dash proves not only a worthy charity event, but brings parts of the city to a standstill as a sea of red men, women, and children make their way round the street course.

14. The Krazy House.

Instagram: @candy_bat

Probably the best and worst night out you'll ever have. Both marvellous and diabolical in equal measure. (Also see The Raz as another strong contender.)

15. An unparalleled love for all things The Beatles.

Instagram: @sceris

Whether it's culture, history, pubs, tours, museums, statues, or fandom, no other city has as much love for the fab four as Liverpool.

16. Bar Cava.

Instagram: @zaranabavi

Because where else can you line up shots of baked bean, Irn-Bru, chilli, and coconut flavoured alcohol?


17. A city that goes beyond footballing rivalry.

Flickr: e_n_gall

The 100+ year history and rivalry between Everton and Liverpool – not to mention the common respect and support concerning the Hillsborough disaster – is pretty special, and resonates throughout the city daily.

18. A completely unique cinema experience at FACT.

Flickr: grish616

But this place isn't just for watching films on comfy two-seater couches. It's a place to eat, drink, view, and in some instances, participate in art installations and exhibitions.

21. Not hearing unbearable Scouse impressions.

Flickr: dullhunk

Here, you're never subject to godawful attempts to impersonate a Liverpudlian, whereas when you leave everyone and their dog tries to do one once they find out where you're from.