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    21 Things You'll Miss When You Leave Liverpool

    Because there's nowhere else quite like it.

    1. Proper homemade scouse.

    2. The beauty of Sefton Park.

    Flickr: 24557420@N05

    Whatever city or town you move to, you won't find anywhere quite as peaceful or as relaxing as a stroll through this place.

    3. The amazing people.

    Flickr: musicmafiauk

    Scousers are famous for their friendly side, so moving to London, for example, will remind you there's no place like home.

    4. The unavoidable Superlambananas.

    5. An unrivalled view of the historic Liver birds.

    6. Those amazing city centre cathedrals.

    Flickr: ruaraidhg

    Liverpool Cathedral's breathtaking. As is the Metropolitan Cathedral.

    7. Hanging out at the bombed out church.

    Flickr: grish616

    There's often stuff going on at St Luke's, such as music events, film screenings, and exhibitions.

    8. The stunning cityscape at night.

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: brocksuk

    Its waterfront and stunning architecture make Liverpool at nighttime incomparable.

    9. Strolling across Crosby beach with the iron men.

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jixxer

    You won't be able to relaxing alongside Sir Antony Gormley's fantastic art sculptures anywhere else.

    10. Our collective disdain of The Sun newspaper.

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 36593372@N04

    For a city that's had a long, unpleasant relationship with it because of its reporting on Hillsborough, seeing others reading and enjoying it feels wholly unnatural.

    11. Having the Albert Dock on your doorstep.

    Flickr: bevgoodwin / Creative Commons

    You'll take it for granted most of the time, but the scenic waterfront with its buildings, restaurants, and rich history never gets old.

    12. Really Scouse landmarks, like Penny Lane.

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: radarsmum67

    Some places just ooze history and interest, and there's plenty of places of significance dotted all around the city.

    13. The sight of literally hundreds of Santas.

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 11915922@N00

    Once a year the Santa Dash proves not only a worthy charity event, but brings parts of the city to a standstill as a sea of red men, women, and children make their way round the street course.

    14. The Krazy House.

    15. An unparalleled love for all things The Beatles.

    16. Bar Cava.

    17. A city that goes beyond footballing rivalry.

    Flickr: e_n_gall

    The 100+ year history and rivalry between Everton and Liverpool – not to mention the common respect and support concerning the Hillsborough disaster – is pretty special, and resonates throughout the city daily.

    18. A completely unique cinema experience at FACT.

    Flickr: grish616

    But this place isn't just for watching films on comfy two-seater couches. It's a place to eat, drink, view, and in some instances, participate in art installations and exhibitions.

    19. Ridiculously good events like Sea Odyssey: Giant Spectacular in 2012...

    Flickr: grish616

    The only place this amazing three-day event happened; you tend to miss out if you're not in Liverpool.

    20. ... and the appearance of La Princesse in 2008 was incredible.

    21. Not hearing unbearable Scouse impressions.

    Flickr: dullhunk

    Here, you're never subject to godawful attempts to impersonate a Liverpudlian, whereas when you leave everyone and their dog tries to do one once they find out where you're from.

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