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19 Things That Are Only OK Because You’re From Liverpool

Well, we were Capital of Culture in 2008.

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1. That ritualistic visit to Cava at the start of a night.

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It's got to be done. So when you do eventually make it into town, one of the first stops is Cava, for its seemingly endless selection of tequila and dirt cheap prices. It's practically the first thing to do on a journey to getting smashed.

2. Calling all your mates "lid".

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Lid means lad or mate, obviously. Well it's common knowledge to us so that's what we'll call each other. It works seamlessly with the Scouse twang.

3. Declaring the bombed-out church a sacred landmark.

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Something of an iconic location not far from Liverpool Central station, St Luke's has no roof (after being left untouched after a WW2 blitzing) but hosts events from film screenings to music concerts.

4. Cringing when you see another Scouser on the telly.

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There are the exceptions but when the likes of Christopher Maloney pop up on The X Factor, we hide our heads in shame.


5. Referring to the Krazyhouse as "The Kray".

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If you've lived in or visited the city numerous times you'll know this place, but you probably won't nickname it – that's reserved for the locals.

6. Never ever, ever reading The Sun.

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Just in case you're not familiar with our collective hatred for this paper, it stems from the anger and upset from "The Truth'" headline that falsely reported on the Hillsborough disaster.

8. Calling Asda "The Asda" for no real reason.

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Don't ask why, it's just something we do. And sure, it will have anyone from outside of Liverpool asking for an explanation but unfortunately it's one we cannot offer.


9. But calling Home Bargains "Home & Bargain" for a reason.

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Seeing as the shops were founded in Liverpool as Home & Bargain, when they removed the ampersand Scousers carried on calling it by its original name, and we will never change.

10. Bragging rights when it comes to European football.

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Yep. We've won it five times. That's five European Cups, with the most recent in 2005 during a magical night in Istanbul, which is more than any other British club and a couple ahead of Manchester United.

11. Hating on the Mancs.

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Our deep loathing for anyone or anything to do with Manchester is well documented, and visa versa. Friction can be traced through history but can be frequently seen nowadays on the football pitch.

12. Calling bread rolls "barms".

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It's a local thing that often bemuses non-Northerners as they scrunch their faces in utter confusion, as we stand there wondering what the hell's wrong with them.


15. And calling anyone you come into contact with "lar".

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"Alright, lar?" is a pretty standard daily phrase you hear, whether talking to a sibling or shop assistant selling you a pair of trainers. It's basically a way of greeting someone.

16. Laughing when people ask if you like The Beatles.

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Of course we like them, and that's not just stereotyping Scousers. It's part of our history and heritage, so why wouldn't we be proudly declaring our love for John, Paul, George, and the other one?


17. Reminiscing about Brookside.

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Because let's face it, no one else watched it, did they. Still, Brookie was a massive deal and part of the Scouse identity in the '80s and '90s. Plus it was actually decent, so really it was everyone else that missed out..

18. Calling the cinema "the pictures".

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A bit of an old-school phrase but people still "go to the pictures" and we know what it means, obviously. Besides your generic cinema chains, we've got FACT, which is a pretty sweet place to visit for said pictures.

19. And reminding people we were Capital of Culture in 2008.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: djjohnson

Some may knock this achievement but Liverpool has boomed ever since, after an influx of money went into renovating the city. It was already great but now it's even greater, and always will be.