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    17 Life Skills Every Scouser Has Mastered

    Another Scouse impression? Not arsed.

    1. Knowing what Scouse words like trabs, barms, and scran mean.

    Flickr: bsheets / Creative Commons

    Within Liverpool we've got our own dialect and language: Scouse. Trabs (trainers), barms (bread rolls), scran (food), bins (glasses), kecks (trousers), and jarg (fake) – we know what these mean but outsiders won't have the foggiest.

    2. Breathing through your mouth on the Dock Road.

    3. Completely ostracising anything to do with The Sun newspaper.

    Graham Stuart / AFP / Getty Images

    It's second nature to us now.

    4. Knowing the best outdoorsy places to visit, like Sefton Park.

    Flickr: 24557420@N05 / Creative Commons

    Picturesque day out in the sun? Sorted.

    5. An ability to Ignore Lambananas forever more.

    6. Avoiding certain parts of the city on match days and on December's Santa Dash.

    Flickr: 11915922@N00 / Creative Commons

    7. Supporting one of two teams but being united as a city.

    Flickr: gray_macbook / Creative Commons

    Amidst all the bitter rivalry between Everton and Liverpool supporters on the pitch, there's a sense of togetherness off of it.

    8. Never getting stuck on the road to the Queensway tunnel.

    Flickr: salford_ian / Creative Commons

    Amateurs have all done this, but hardened Liverpudlians will know how to avoid such pitfalls.

    9. Being aware that Crosby and Formby have the best beaches in the North West.

    Flickr: gogovisual / Creative Commons

    And in the opposite direction, New Brighton's not too shabby either.

    10. Enjoying alternative cinema trips at FACT.

    Watching a foreign film on two-person sofas while eating a panini ain't half bad.

    11. Laughing off those awful Scouser impressions.

    Flickr: dullhunk / Creative Commons

    You've heard one, you've heard 'em all. Non-Scousers just love to do an impression. Trouble is they're all beyond terrible.

    12. Knowing that the extremely limited train service doesn't run after midnight.

    13. Recognising a fake Scouers a mile off.

    Charles Pertwee / Getty Images

    14. Visiting Blackpool lights for a viable (and free) family night out.

    It's one of the very few family activities you can do that's virtually cost-free.

    15. Knowing it's only acceptable to visit Southport for Pleasureland or its promenade.

    Flickr: mark_croston / Creative Commons

    16. Choosing Wales as a holiday destination.

    Flickr: 50415738@N04 / Creative Commons

    Hey, it’s another country, culture, and language but so close and convenient.

    17. Knowing the Philharmonic pub has the fanciest toilets known to humans.

    Flickr: londonmatt / Creative Commons

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