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    15 Places You Didn't Know Are In Liverpool

    Think you know Liverpool? Think again.

    1. Get spooked on the Shiverpool walking tour.

    Unless you're loitering in the city's tour hotspots, you might not be aware of their existence. But rest assured, there are a number of regular walking tours you can embark on, with Shiverpool providing people with a suitably chilling experience.

    2. Or get up close and personal with a mummy at the Garstang Museum.

    3. Have a bite to eat at The Ethical Glass.

    4. Or learn about The Wilfred Owen Story.

    Legendary war poet Wilfred Owen is known for his horrifying depiction of World War I through his stark collection of poems. Opened in 2011, this tribute is situated on Argyle Street and has a quaint location with a gallery. So if you're after a bit of local history, seek this out.

    5. Go underground at The Williamson Tunnels.

    In honour of 19th Century philanthropist Joseph Williamson, this intricate tunnel system runs underneath the city. You can get a guided tour through some of its sections, and as a registered, non-profit charity, small donations are always welcome.

    6. Or explore above ground at Speke Hall.

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: damiavos

    On the outskirts of the city, this is regarded as one of the – if not the – best surviving example of a Tudor manor. Under 10 miles from Lime Street, it's a relaxing change of scenery and for no more than a tenner for the pleasure. You can admire the enormity of the building, its stunning interior, and check out the tranquil gardens (including a Victorian-themed hedge maze).

    7. Take to the water on The Liverpool to Salford Cruise.

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 10413717@N08

    Taking a 6-hour boat ride from Liverpool to Salford is actually way better than it first appears. Starting at Seacombe and disembarking at Salford Quays, the experience is, according to a write-up of the journey in the Liverpool Echo, a "scenic, relaxing detachment from reality".

    8. Eat ethically at The Real Junk Food Project.

    Facebook: The-Real-Junk-Food-Project-Liverpool

    This social concept cafe isn't the first of its kind – Leeds beat us – but it's the first one in Liverpool. Basically, instead of making food throughout the day and chucking any leftovers out at closing, people instead pay what they feel or what they can afford. It's a nifty idea and something that could become popular in the future.

    9. And have a trendy cocktail at 81Ltd.

    10. Nosey about the The Piermaster's House.

    11. Re-enact The Crystal Maze at Exit Strategy Game.

    Okay, so it's not exactly like the manic show hosted by Richard O'Brien, but there are different rooms (currently two, with a third on its way) with tricky puzzles to solve within a 60-minute window. Great for team-building or being a smartarse in front of your mates – there's no money-grabbing finale in a windy test tube, unfortunately.

    12. Visit O'Connor's for an Afternoon Tea with a twist.

    O'Connor's / Via

    A new sweet and savory menu's appeared at O'Connor's, which is situated at Sefton Park Hotel. It's nothing like your traditional crust-less sandwiches and scones, so check it out before everyone's at it. Burgers + hotdogs + cakes = culinary bliss.

    13. Head down to Bongo's Bingo at the Camp and Furnace.

    14. Go wakeboarding on the Liverpool Waterfront with Industry.1.

    15. Trek to the top of West Tower to admire that view.

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