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    19 Phrases Only Scousers Will Understand

    Sappenin', lid?

    1. "Gorra cob on."

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    What it means: Being in a bad mood.

    How it's used: "Our Pam’s gorra right cob on after steppin' in that dog shit."

    2. Giving someone "down the banks".

    What it means: To have a go at someone publicly, or within earshot of a crowd.

    How it's used: “This soft get wouldn’t stop mouthing off in the pictures, so I gave him down the banks.”

    3. "Goin’ the ozzy."

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    What it means: Visiting hospital.

    How it's used: “Just butted a wall, so I’m goin’ the ozzy.”

    4. "You’re a wool."


    What it means: Someone from the surrounding areas of Liverpool.

    How it's used: “What do you know abar the city, ya wool? You're from Ainsdale.”

    5. "Jib him off."

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    What it means: To decide against doing something.

    How it's used: “Jon was proper annoying me before, so I jibbed him off. Think he’s still waiting for me in Yates’s.”

    6. "That’s jarg."

    What it means: Anything that isn’t genuine.

    How it's used: “Take your shite, jarg coat and get out.”

    7. "On me bill."

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    What it means: When someone’s on their lonesome. Derives from the term "Billy-no-mates".

    How it's used: “Needed to stock up on beans, so went shoppin’ on me bill.”

    8. "The arl fella."

    What it means: Your father.

    How it's used: “Just had a massive row with the arl fella. Locked him in the shed.”

    9. "Antwacky."

    What it means: Outdated or old-fashioned.

    How it's used: “Our Anthony’s bedroom wallpaper is proper antwacky. Embarrassin’.”

    10. "Kecks."


    What it means: Pants or trousers.

    How it's used: “Watched that Paranormal Activity and had to change me kecks. Twice.”

    11. "Sack it off."

    What it means: Can't be bothered.

    How it's used: “Was gonna meet me bird later, but sacked her off to play GTA.”

    12. "Sagging off."

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    What it means: To play truant from school.

    How it's used: “Can’t be arsed with that pop quiz, I'm sagging off.”

    13. "New trabs."


    What it means: New trainers.

    How it's used: “Got meself some new trabs down the Asda. Fuckin’ boss.”

    14. "Going to town."

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    What it means: To give someone a stern telling off.

    How it's used: “Me sister was doin’ me nut in, so I went to town on her.”

    15. "Keeping Dixie."


    What it means: To keep a look out. It comes from the saying "Dixie Dean is never seen."

    How it's used: “Dan, keep a Dixie while I piss in Ste’s beer, would ya?”

    16. "Gegging in."

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    What it means: When someone invites themselves to a social event; an unwanted tag-along.

    How it's used: “Who invited you to watch the Reds? Proper geggin’ in, you.”

    17. "Cracking the flags."

    What it means: When the weather’s really warm.

    How it's used: “Bloody hell, it’s crackin’ the flags out there, Barb! Gonna throw me Speedos on.”

    18. "Gone the colour of boiled shite."

    What it means: When colour drains from your face.

    How it's used: “Christ, Pete, when that moggie went for yer, ya went the colour of boiled shite.”

    19. "Alright, lid?"

    What it means: "Alright" from "Are you alright?", meaning "Hello". "Lid" from the words "bin lid", which is rhyming slang for "our kid".

    How it's used: “Alright, lid!”

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