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    19 Places You Must Drink In Liverpool Before You Die

    Whatever you're up to around town, there's always time for a bevvy.

    1. Berry & Rye

    2. Ma Egerton's

    3. Some Place

    A small, unadvertised bar that deals exclusively in absinthe cocktails, which are a lot nicer than they sound. Honest.

    4. Peter Kavanagh’s

    5. Ye Cracke

    6. The Philharmonic Pub

    7. The Baltic Fleet

    8. Ship and Mitre

    9. The Cavern Pub

    10. The Fly In The Loaf

    11. The Grapes (Mathew Street)

    12. The Attic

    13. Jenny's Bar

    14. Kelly's Dispensary

    15. Alma De Cuba

    16. Liverpool One Bridewell

    17. The Lion Tavern

    18. Bar Cava

    19. City Wine Bar and Kitchen

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