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    Updated on Aug 22, 2018. Posted on Feb 29, 2016

    44 Things That Would Be Different If “Friends” Were Set In Liverpool

    They'd meet for a bev at Sefton Perk.

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    1. They'd inexplicably be able to afford flats in the centre of town.

    2. But in all likelihood, they'd live just off Lark Lane.

    3. In small flats or a house share.

    4. Except for Ross, who'd have a place in Allerton.

    5. And Phoebe would somehow live in student accommodation after blagging her way in.

    6. They'd hang out on Lark Lane because it's trendy and up-and-coming.

    7. And they'd drink coffee at a place called Sefton Perk.

    8. But mostly they'd head to The Lodge because literally all cafes close at half five.

    9. Monica would work at Eddie Rockets in the early days.

    10. But now works at a fancy restaurant at the Albert Dock.

    11. There'd be an episode based around one or all of them missing the last train home from somewhere and having to wait until 6am because they couldn't afford a taxi.

    12. Phoebe's homeless mates would be busking alongside her on Bold Street.

    13. Monica would have a local rep for being dead hard, with her "freakish strength".

    14. Joey would be an actor on Brookside.

    15. He'd check the Echo each week to see if he's featured in its celeb or TV columns.

    16. He'd have done some regrettably cringeworthy television work with Timmy Mallet.

    17. And his pickup line would be "y'alright, bird?"

    18. Rachel would work in the big Debenhams at Liverpool ONE.

    19. Joey and Chandler would leave Ben on an Arriva bus on its way to Skelmersdale.

    20. Phoebe's dad would definitely have been played by Dean Sullivan (aka Jimmy Corkhill).

    21. Chandler would be called Dave, because everyone's called Dave.

    22. And Chandler would commute to work in Speke, but no one would be quite sure what he does.

    23. Ross would work at the World Museum in town.

    24. He'd also lecture at JMU every so often.

    25. Joey would get nominated for an NTA and spectacularly lose/embarrass himself on TV.

    26. Ross wouldn't own a monkey, but an exotic reptile bought from a questionable character at the pub.

    27. Gunther would be called Gary – or Dave, again.

    28. There'd be an episode where they're all trapped at home one day when it snows, because North-West public transport goes into complete meltdown.

    29. Instead of American football, they'd play actual football. But would lose the ball when their elderly neighbour refuses to throw it back over the fence.

    30. The trip to Barbados would've been a week in Ibiza.

    31. Phoebe's mum would live in Wigan.

    32. The beach house episode would've been at a seafront hotel on Southport promenade.

    33. The Laurel and Hardy picture in the flat would be Beatles-related pop art.

    34. There would definitely be a guest cameo from Sir Paul McCartney at some point.

    35. The gang would simply meet for "a bev" rather than name the specific drink.

    36. The bullies that terrorise Ross and Chandler would be Mancs.

    37. The boys would regularly go and watch The Ev at Goodison Park.

    38. The One After The Superbowl would be called The One After The Merseyside Derby. It would also be a two-parter.

    39. There wouldn't be an issue with Chandler going out with Joey's ex, because that kind of insane shit just doesn't happen around here.

    40. Joey would've signed on because no one can survive up North without any income.

    41. Phoebe would sing about jigger-rabbits and it wouldn't quite have the same jaunty appeal.

    42. There'd be an episode entirely dedicated to Monica trying to figure out Phoebe's nan's secret Scouse recipe.

    43. Mike and Phoebe's wedding would've happened outside the bombed-out church.

    44. And Monica and Chandler would inevitably move to Formby to buy a house and start a family.

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