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    24 Faces Every Scouser Will Immediately Recognise

    Let's meet at Moorfields station, lol.

    1. The "Someone From Formby Just Said They Were A Scouser" Face.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    2. The "You Seriously Don't Know What A Barm Is?" Face.

    3. The "I'm Approaching Birkenhead Tunnel But I Haven't Got Any Change" Face.

    ITV / Via

    4. The "I'm Meeting A Mate At Moorfields Station But He Didn't Say Which Exit" Face.

    ET / Via

    5. The "Liverpool Have Just Stuffed United" Face.

    6. The "United Have Just Stuffed Liverpool" Face.


    7. The "Meet Me For Drinks In Southport" Face.

    Carousel Productions / Via

    8. The "Cheesy Peanut Smell Just Hit Me Driving Down The Dock Road" Face.

    Disney / Via

    9. The "I've Taken A Wrong Turn And Am Heading Towards Birkenhead Tunnel" Face.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    10. The "I Just Saw A Girl In Hair Rollers And Pyjamas In Tesco" Face.

    11. The "Oh Great, Another Southerner Making A Scouser Joke" Face.

    12. The "There's A Group Of Gobby Teens Hanging Round The Entrance To Bargain Booze" Face.

    NBC / Via

    13. The "I Almost Got Home Without Using My Saveaway Until The Final Stop" Face.

    Netflix / Via

    14. The "Corrie Or Eastenders? I Prefer Brookside" Face.

    HBO / Via

    15. The "No, Brookside Is Certainly Not Shit" Face.

    16. The "Remember When You Could Drink Bevy On The Train Before A Night Out And Not Get It Confiscated" Face.

    ASAP Worldwide / Via

    17. The "Why Are My Mates Insisting We End The Night At The Krazy House?" Face.

    18. The "Did You Actually Just Ask Me If I've Ever Been To The Raz?" Face...

    19. Followed by the "Remember How Sticky The Floors And Walls Were At The Raz?" Face.

    ABC / Via Twitter: @modmamaa

    20. The "Yes, I'm Familiar With What A Super Lambanana Is" Face.

    21. The "Well Done, You've Made A "Yer Ma" Joke" Face.

    22. The "Random Drunk On The Train's Trying To Talk To Me" Face.

    23. The "Lol, Remember When The Scouse Brow Was A Thing?" Face.


    24. The "Too Right You Can Buy A Pint Round These Parts For Under Two Quid" Face.

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