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Can You Speak Scouse?

Eeeee, was tha' abar, lar?

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  1. 1. Canna 'uv some scran?

    Flickr: bevgoodwin / Creative Commons
    Can I get a scan?
    Can I have some money?
    Can I have some food?
    Can I have some tobacco?
  2. 2. It's crackin’ the flags.

    Flickr: bevgoodwin / Creative Commons
    It’s broken.
    It’s falling apart.
    It’s sunny.
    It’s priceless.
  3. 3. Was that a jigger-rabbit?

    Flickr: bevgoodwin / Creative Commons
    Was that a rat?
    Was that a cat?
    Was that a fox?
    Was that a badger?
  4. 4. Am proper bladdered, ‘aar kid.

    Flickr: bevgoodwin / Creative Commons
    I’m bleeding a lot, brother.
    I’m really drunk, brother.
    I’ve been beaten up, brother.
    I punched my brother.
  5. 5. I was binbagged last night.

    Flickr: htakashi / Creative Commons
    I was thrown out by my other half last night.
    I was blind drunk with the lads last night.
    I was really tired last night.
    I was wrapped up in bin bags last night.
  6. 6. Are yer on facey?

    Flickr: gogovisual
    Are you on Facebook?
    Are you sober?
    Are you being facetious?
    Are you angry?
  7. 7. Any odds, lar?

    Flickr: andynugent / Creative Commons
    What’re the betting odds, mate?
    Got any spare food, mate?
    Got any spare change, mate?
    Got any spare bric-a-brac, mate?
  8. 8. Am off fer a quick burst.

    I’m off to play some music.
    I’m off to the toilet.
    I’m having a minor breakdown.
    I’m off for a quick pint.
  9. 9. Her set of lungs are well jarg.

    Flickr: calotype46
    She has a terrible singing voice.
    She’s wearing fake jewelry.
    She’s a heavy smoker.
    She has fake breasts.
  10. 10. E’s got one eye in Tocky and one eye in Crocky.

    Flickr: abibooth
    He’s indecisive.
    He’s cheating on his wife.
    He frequently travels.
    He’s cross-eyed.
  11. 11. Yer Ma's pyar antwacky.

    Flickr: jiruan
    Your Mum’s really old-fashioned.
    Your Mum’s really crazy.
    Your Mum’s really rude.
    Your Mum’s really smelly.
  12. 12. The arl fella's gorra cob on.

    Flickr: arthurjohnpicton
    The old man’s got a sore head.
    My Dad’s in a bad mood.
    The old man’s hungry.
    My Dad’s about to fall asleep.
  13. 13. Eh, lid, keep Dixie would ya?

    Flickr: bevgoodwin
    Mate, please look after Dixie for me.
    Mate, please look after the kids for me.
    Mate, please keep a look out for me.
    Mate, please keep this safe for me.
  14. 14. I'll give yer down the banks.

    Flickr: ell-r-brown
    I’ll start crying.
    I’ll give you a stern telling off.
    I’ll thrown you in the nearest river.
    I’ll tell my Mum.
  15. 15. That's bang out, pal!

    Flickr: bevgoodwin
    That’s out of order, pal!
    That’s amazing, pal!
    That’s disgusting, pal!
    That’s totally acceptable, pal!
  16. 16. Shall we nip down the bewzer?

    Flickr: grish616
    Shall we go to the seafront?
    Shall we go to the newsstand?
    Shall we go to the clinic?
    Shall we go to the pub?
  17. 17. Look at de size ov dem bins!

    Flickr: arthurjohnpicton
    Look at how big those glasses are!
    Look at how big those bins are!
    Look at the size of Debenhams!
    Look at the size of those pints!
  18. 18. Go 'ead, showus yer trabs.

    Flickr: bevgoodwin
    Show me your stomach muscles.
    Show me your trainers.
    Show me your new set of wheels.
    Show me your tattoos.
  19. 19. You're a gegger, mate.

    Flickr: fruttaz
    You’re fashionable.
    You’re annoying.
    You’re a tag-along.
    You’re really likeable.
  20. 20. Just jib her right off.

    Flickr: oneterry
    Just draw on her face.
    Just insult her and run away.
    Just don’t see her again.
    Just lie to her.
  21. 21. Havin' a right barney, them two.

    Flickr: bevgoodwin
    Having a sing-song.
    Having a dance.
    Having an argument.
    Having a kiss.

Can You Speak Scouse?

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