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    17 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In Liverpool

    When the Albert Dock and Cavern just won't cut it.

    1. Take in the amazing views at Oh Me Oh My.

    2. An excursion through the Sefton Coastal Path.

    3. Eat cake at the Art School Restaurant.

    4. Head to Formby's National Trust to spot rare wildlife.

    5. Take a sunset cruise down the Mersey.

    6. Check out FACT for its quirky art installations.

    7. Learn some history at The International Slavery Museum.

    8. The Shiverpool ghost tour.

    This theatrically-led ghost tour of the city is famed for its revealing insight into the hair-raising history and eerie mysteries of Liverpool.

    You certainly won't forget it in a hurry, nor will you walk down Hope Street the same way ever again.

    9. Explore the Williamson Tunnels.

    Ever heard about the underground labyrinth of tunnels built in dedication to the 19th Century philanthropist Joseph Williamson? It's an intriguing, close quarters tour through the various tunnels, chambers and passageways that run underneath the city of Liverpool.

    Like nothing you've experienced before (we'd bet).

    10. Have an altogether different shopping experience at Grand Central Hall.

    11. Sip some inventive cocktails at Aloha.

    12. Why not abseil down Liverpool Cathedral?

    13. Have a pint in the Crypt of the Metropolitan Cathedral.

    Alcohol and religion don't mix. Or do they? Focusing on the latter, The Liverpool Beer Festival, held annually each February, is the most important calendar date for all the beer connoisseurs out there.

    14. Visit the Piermaster's House.

    15. Ghosthunting at the Childwall Abbey Hotel.

    The origins of this place are (spookily) unknown.The Childwall sits a few miles outside of the city centre and it's dripping with history: from the tap room that hosted local band The Quarrymen (later to become small-known outfit The Beatles), there's apparently a 15th Century ghost that haunts the place.

    So if you're feeling adventurous, this is an interesting alternative to your bog-standard Travel Lodge night away.

    16. Partake in water sports at Peak Pursuits.

    17. Go to an event at the bombed-out church.

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