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    • mikep66

      “I’m from _____ University and our tradition was left off, therefore this list is awful.” Come on people, it’s one person’s opinion. I can see offering a differing viewpoint, but the indignation and anger seems a little extreme. When I think of college football traditions, I think of something that has some history behind it, so nothing that has developed in the last few years. I think of something that energizes the fan base, so I don’t think tapping a sign does it. I also think it has to be unique. A LOT of them are team entrances. MY list - prepare your indignation and anger …
      Remember my own personal criteria: energizes the fan base, unique, historic.
      10. Wisconsin Jump Around. Haven’t been able to see it in person yet but know many who have. Pretty great tradition here. And my only song-based tradition on the list. Anyone can play a song. But this has become the identity of Badger Ball.
      9. Georgia Tech’s Ramblin’ Wreck. I think it’s every bit as good as the Sooner Schooner entrance. Just a slightly smaller fanbase to watch it.
      8. Sooner Schooner.
      7. FSU - Osceola and Renegade. I was there as the visiting team and I got chills. Unreal.
      6. Ohio State - dotting the ‘I’. I think that’s cooler than the script spelling. I know they’re linked, but the dotting of the ‘I’ is the giant energizing moment.
      5. Texas A&M - 12th Man.
      4. Tennessee Power T. Completely riveting.
      3. Clemson - Howard’s Rock
      2. Army - Navy. I mean - that energizes the whole nation.
      1. War Eagle! I’m totally biased. I’m an alum. But this is pretty doggone awesome. Some other traditions mentioned above are cheers (Rammer Jammer), hand gestures (Hook Em Horns), shrubbery (‘Tween the Hedges) or other very cool traditions that lacked a little bit in terms of being unique or the energizing factor for the entire. So there - that’s my poorly researched list. I have witnessed almost all of these (and many more) in person. Let the indignation begin …

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