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Mohamed Sanu Suffers Prank, Still Gets Drafted By The Bengals

The former Rutgers wide receiver thought he got a call from Cincinnati during the first round of the NFL Draft. Too bad Sanu and his draft party didn't recognize the 908 area code first.

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Imagine if you will that you're a potential NFL Draftee awaiting a call from your new team and destination while dozens of your family members anxiously check their cell phones and down countless bags of table snacks. The phone rings and it's the Cincinnati Bengals. They're on the clock and tell you that their collective braintrust has decided to select you with the 27th overall pick in the draft. You hang up the phone, not noticing the Northern New Jersey area code through your excitement, and jump around excitedly with your draft posse as you await Roger Goodell to announce the news on television.

"With the 27th pick the Cincinnati Bengals select Kevin Zeitler from the University of Wisconsin."

Somewhere Mohamed Sanu was living this waking nightmare and somebody, likely in a Rutgers frat house, was having a very sinister chuckle.

So imagine further Sanu's face and skepticism when the Bengals actually did come calling with the 20th pick in the third round. Not again, right?

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