A Hole By Hole Tour Of Augusta National

The 2012 Masters Tournament starts today at one of golf’s most storied courses, Augusta National. Take a leisurely stroll down the picturesque fairways while staying a safe distance away from the misogyny.

1. No. 1 Tea Olive

2. No. 2 Pink Dogwood

3. No. 3 Flowering Peach

4. No. 4 Flowering Crabapple

5. No. 5 Magnolia

6. No. 6 Juniper

7. No. 7 Pampas

8. No. 8 Yellow Jasmine

9. No. 9 Carolina Cherry

10. No. 10 Camelia

11. No. 11 White Dogwood

12. No. 12 Golden Bell

13. No. 13 Azalea

14. No. 14 Chinese Fir

15. No. 15 Firethorn

16. No. 16 Redbud

17. No. 17 Nandina

18. No. 18 Holly

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