13 Signs Your Team Is Out Of The Stanley Cup Playoffs

The New Jersey Devils will square off against the Los Angeles Kings for the right to hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup starting Wednesday. Chances are if you’re not a fan of either of those teams, you’ve been noticing some clues as to what happened to your NHL team.

1. When You Start Looking For New Sports To Get Into

2. When Your Star Player Starts Following Geese Around

3. When Your Star Player Starts Turning Up At His Own Rink

4. When Your Star Player Passes Out At A College Bar

5. When Your Playoff Towels Become A Lovely Throw Pillow

6. When Your Team’s Gear Hits The Clearance Rack

7. When Your Goalie Starts Detailing His Offseason Workout Plans

8. When Your Friends Put You On Suicide Watch

9. When You Have To Shed Your Playoff Nails

10. Or Beard

11. When Analysts Start Referencing The Sun Rising

12. When Bieber Starts Wearing Your Team’s Gear Ironically

13. When People Start Sending You Consolation Memes

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