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    This Photo Going Viral Of A Frozen Lighthouse Is Not From The Polar Vortex

    A stunning photo of a Lake Michigan lighthouse in St. Joseph, Michigan getting passed around the internet today was taken a year ago.

    A lot of people are tweeting this photo of a Michigan lighthouse thinking it to be a frozen casualty of the Polar Vortex. Because, well, everything in Michigan is pretty much frozen and this is a really beautiful shot.

    Lighthouse on Lake Michigan in Chicago today. Man.

    John Heilemann


    Lighthouse on Lake Michigan in Chicago today. Man.

    / Via

    This photo is in fact over 11 months old, taken by pro photographer John McCormick.

    McCormick is a skilled professional, especially when it comes to Michigan lighthouses. Hi-res versions of his work can be seen on his website and Flickr.

    If you're looking to check out how the poor frozen St. Joseph lighthouse is fairing during this week's deep freeze, intrepid photog Joshua Nowicki went out today and got this shot.

    Unconfirmed video of the St. Joseph lighthouse keeper.

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